What is Baby Botox? A Doctor Explains the New Trend in Injectables

let’s just clear this up straight away, baby Botox is not Botox for babies. In fact, its the latest trend in anti-wrinkle treatment, and if you haven’t already seen it it’s coming to an Insta-feed near you soon.

Promising subtler results than the standard approach to Botox, the little sister treatment involves smaller amounts of Botox and more targeted injections.

To suss out the process, we got chatting with Dr Sinead Haugh from BabyTox Dublin, who has built her business around the idea of Baby Botox to give us a bit of an explanation.

Baby Botox

So, as more women than ever in their 20s and 30s queue up for baby Botox, what do we need to know?

Firstly, what is Botox?

So, for anyone that doesn’t know anything about Botox (where have you been people?!). Botox has been around in the beauty industry for over 15 years.

It’s been shown to effectively smooth out wrinkles and frown lines. Giving a more youthful and fresher appearance. There is also a good bit of evidence that early use of Botox can prevent future wrinkles.

Baby Botox is still Botox, it’s just smaller doses, applied in a slightly different way.

The dreaded fear of Botox for many people is the frozen, scary, over arched eye brows which we have seen on celebrities in the past (cough, Nicole Kidman circa 2014). Thankfully this over use of Botox is mostly phased out and a newer approach has been heralded.

So if the now standard approach to Botox is less is more, what is baby Botox?

Well baby Botox is is even less is sort of more. Both standard Botox and baby Botox treatments use Botox.

For example at BabyTox Dublin use the original Botox by Allergan which is made in Westport, Mayo for both treatments. But other clinics may use Dysport or Xeomin depending on preference.

Baby Botox is still Botox, it’s just smaller doses, applied in a slightly different way.

When a client comes for baby Botox by assessing the way they move their face and what areas are going to see the most benefit, you can then decide on the dose and target specific areas.

BabyTox Dublin

So for example instead of using 25 units in the frown for standard Botox, for baby Botox 15 units could be used. The dose is adjusted based on the client. So it’s an individualized treatment. The aim isn’t to eliminate wrinkles but soften the appearance and smooth the skin.

Who should get baby Botox?

Its most suited to clients that want a subtle result. It’s about looking refreshed but no one suspecting that you’ve had Botox, your face will still have your normal range of movement. Because of this movement your skin won’t be frozen or look super smooth, the effect is softer.

In general Baby Botox is best suited to women with fine to moderate lines, generally in their mid 20’s to late 30’s.

Unfortunately, if you have deep-set lines you will require higher doses of Botox and a more standard approach is probably more beneficial.

Can baby Botox be used for prevention?

Yes, Baby Botox can be used to prevent lines. Scarily, looking at your mum and dad gives you the best idea of how you will age and where your heaviest lines will appear!

Scarily, looking at your mum and dad gives you the best idea of how you will age and where your heaviest lines will appear!

Many women in their late 20’s and early 30’s are seeing those fine lines creeping in and wish to stop them from becoming deep. Baby Botox is ideal for this.

Is baby Botox cheaper?

Yes, the treatment is cheaper than standard Botox. But only depending on where you go. Most clinics charge per area no matter how much or how little Botox is used. Dr Sinead gives her clients the option to pay either per unit or per area.

If the patient is after baby Botox paying per unit is much cheaper, if the client wants more dramatic results or requires larger doses of Botox paying per area will work out better value for them.

At Babytox Dublin we charge €7 per unit, so for the frown if 15 units were used the cost would be €105, compared to the standard dose at €140 per area.

What are the disadvantages of baby Botox?

Clients need to keep in mind the effects won’t last as long. Usually from standard doses clients wouldn’t need a repeat treatment for 3-6 months but with baby Botox the client may find they need a top up sooner. So if you are having regular treatments over a year it could average out at close to the same.

Still confused about whether you should go for baby Botox or standard Botox?

We always recommend coming into Babytox Dublin for a free consult to discuss which option is best for you. Because baby Botox is tailored to the individual, the price can vary and this needs to be discussed beforehand.

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Sometimes we prefer clients prefer to pay a standard amount and to know beforehand than to be told the amount on the day based on the units. By offering both baby Botox and standard Botox, clients have the choice to pick which treatment approach is best for them based on their expectations and their preferences.

Essentially if you want your lines gone, baby Botox just wont cut it, if you want them softened it’s probably the best approach for you.

And finally, wat about the men, can they get baby Botox?

Let’s not forget about the fellas! In the aesthetic industry a lot of focus is on women, but there is definitely an upward trend in men requesting treatments. And of course they can also have baby Botox.

Some could argue men are the most suitable, as you want to soften lines but not give super smooth skin. For men maintaining masculinity also means maintaining a few lines and crinkles.

The only issue men will have with baby Botox is the price, in general men require almost double the dose of Botox compared to women, as their muscles are just stronger. Something to consider for men when weighing up the cost of paying per unit or per area.

Dr Sinead Haugh is a cosmetic doctor who runs BabyTox Dublin, she is based in Shankill, Tyrrelstown, Waterford, Cavan, Marys street, Annes street, Greystones and Baldoyle.

Prices for Baby Botox are €7/unit, prices for standard botox start at €140 for one area. For more info visit Babytoxdublin.com, or follow @babytoxdublin on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

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