Baileys Ice Cream Sandwiches Exist and They Are a Summer Necessity

There’s a lot you’ll find in the aisles of Aldi. Tupperware, garden equipment, scented candles, so random is the selection that there’s little you stumble across that really surprises you any more.

Until we heard that the budget retailer is selling Baileys ice cream sandwiches.

Yep, you read that correctly. Chocolate biscuits filled with creamy ice cream flavoured with Baileys. We are shook.

Baileys Ice Cream Sandwich Image via @nonnasgelato on Instagram
Image via @nonnasgelato on Instagram

The innovation is basically a grown up version of our the classic HB ‘Iceberger’ filled with booze ice cream, and it sounds incredible.

Before you go running to Aldi to stock up for the weekend let it be known that these have been spotted in the freezer aisles of Aldi… in Australia.

Typical, the Aussies get guaranteed sunshine, hot guys and Baileys ice cream sandwiches.

The sighting was first reported by Pretty 52 who spotted a post about the four pack ‘Original Ice Cream Sandwiches flavoured with the taste of Baileys’ on the Aldi Mum Facebook page.

Baileys are yet to confirm whether they have plans to launch the ice cream sandwiches in the Ireland but we have high hopes – after all, Baileys is Irish cream liquor…

In the meantime perhaps you can whip up some other sort of Baileys dessert deliciousness. The Baileys Instagram page provides more than enough inspiration…

Image via @baileysofficial on Instagram
Image via @baileysofficial on Instagram
Image via @baileysofficial on Instagram

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