Why You Need to Watch This Episode of Black Mirror

Have you been trying to find a new TV series to binge? How about a thought-provoking series set in an alternative present that scarily mirrors our own?

A British science fiction TV series, Black Mirror consists of a number of stand-alone episodes with individual stories, so you don’t need to watch the episodes in any particular order.

Pic: Netflix

While it has some comedic moments, this darkly satirical show examines many of the issues we face in modern society, often portraying something that seems too extreme to be real.

However, this apparent extremity is never very far removed from our current experiences, something that is especially notable in ‘Hang The DJ’, an episode from Black Mirror’s latest season.

Pic: Netflix

In ‘Hang The DJ’, people are coached through relationships by a technologically advanced system that mirrors Siri and dating app Tinder.

While it may seem like a convenient way to navigate through the crazed dating world, you start to realise that the daters, namely Amy and Frank, are being forced to endure relationships with people they detest, all in the name of getting one step closer to their perfect match.

Pic: Netflix

Rebelling against the technology keeping them apart, ‘Hang The DJ’ is a stark examination of our dependency on technology and our easy acceptable of all things online.

Not wanting to spoil anything, this episdoe is probably one of the most relatable episodes of Black Mirror. If you’re unsure about this series or want one episode that will truly draw you in hook, line and sinker, then ‘Hang The DJ’ is the one for you. Watch the episode’s trailer below:

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