You’ve Probably Already Done Elle Macpherson’s Favourite New Workout

When Elle Macpherson, the woman who is nicknamed “The Body”, shares fitness advice we listen intently.

So we were all the more intrigued to hear that the 53-year-old Australian model, who turns 54 later this month, has been maintaining her physique with a workout that we’ve fans of too.

Elle Macpherson

Speaking to Covetuer, the mother of two and founder of WelleCo, shared her latest fitness obsession: vinyasa flow.

“I really am very into yoga at the moment, vinyasa flow,” Elle revealed.

“So I try to do yoga every day, go to a class. I love the energy of practicing with like-minded people. I find that it has just changed my perspective on how the body can feel when it’s being nurtured.”

As those who have done a flow class will know, Elle says yoga isn’t all stretching and lying on the ground and is a serious workout: “It’s really hard, but the rewards are so great for it, so it’s worth it.”

She really appreciates the mind body connection that yoga brings to her fitness regime too: “I like the fact that one has to be really conscious within the practice. So…I mean, there’s nothing wrong with putting on headphones and going for a run; I love that as well. But I just think mindless pounding away isn’t where I’m at.”

“At 50, I realized that I couldn’t rely on genetics anymore,” she added.

As Vinyasa devotees, we’ve been very encouraged by this news and are expecting to wake up with a five-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model any day now.

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