The New Mascara *Everybody* is Talking About – And It’s Landing in Ireland Soon

If you even have a vague knowledge of the beauty industry you will have heard of Glossier.

The US millennial pink packaged brand isn’t even available in Ireland (yet, more on that in the next few paragraphs) but that hasn’t stopped beauty buffs going to extreme lengths to get their hands on the products that have already achieved cult status – hello An Post AddressPal and Parcelmotel.

Mascara Image courtesy of Glossier
Image courtesy of Glossier

Glossier founder Emily Weiss (a girl boss that is must follow on Instagram) revealed that they were developing a mascara in August last year.

A glaring omission in the brand’s product line-up fans were beside themselves with excitement.

Now after apparently 248 tries and 18 months perfecting the formula, Glossier’s first ever mascara, Lash Slick, has launched globally.

It has already received rave reviews across the world with fans comparing it to the brands iconic brow product Brow Boy but for eyelashes.

According to Glossier Lash Slick works because it adds tiny fibers to the tips of lashes for extra length and then locks the look into place with sculpting film-form technology for extraordinary wear time.

As we suggested above, although the product is not available for delivery in Ireland there are ways around it.

Soon you won’t need to go that extra level of effort whatsoever as Glossier announced this week that they are extending delivery to our shores.

The brand has confirmed that from May 15th it will deliver directly to Ireland.

Until then you can check out the range at and get ready to add (all of the things) to cart.

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