These Genius Facial Tanning Drops Sold €490,000 Worth in Just 12 Minutes

We’re big fans of tan here at IndulgeMe. Gradual, lotion, liquid, or mousse, we’re not too fussy about what form it comes in once it transforms us into bronzed goddesses.

We thought we’d tried every product on the market until we heard about an innovative new tan invention: facial tanning drops.

Tanning drops Image courtesy of James Read
Image courtesy of James Read

The product in question are James Read Gradual Tan H2O Tan Drops Face and let us tell you, there is nothing gradual about the rate at which they are selling.

When they recently launched on QVC they sold $580,000 (that’s around €488,288) worth in just 12 minutes. Yep, 12 minutes.

James Read’s range of tan is already the bronzing product of choice for celebs like Naomi Campbell, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Ellie Goulding and Mariah Carey.

His latest innovation H2O Tan Drops, are priced at €35 are designed to work in partnership with your daily skincare.

Just add to your favourite moisturiser, foundation or serum to give it a self tan boost.

The water base and skin-boosting ingredients such as Aloe Vera Water and Hyaluronic Acid actually make them a beneficial addition to your skincare routine, so none of the clogged pore you would expect from a fake tan.

Speaking to GLAMOUR about the launch, James Read said: “With more and more people looking for clean beauty, we’ve seen a huge interest in both our new H2O Tan Drops and Coconut Water Tan Mist”

“Consumers love that it’s a product that fits in with your lifestyle and doesn’t require any change to your existing skincare routine,” she added.

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