This New Irish Range Will Make Your Lash Extensions Last Longer

Somewhere in the last few years lash extensions have gone from something you got done when a big event was coming up to a treatment we indulge in as regularly as Shellac.

But those who are addicted (once you start it’s hard to stop) to seeing the eye-opening results of semi-permanent eyelash extensions will agree that the aftercare can be a bit of an ordeal.

If not looked after correctly the doll-like eyelashes you left the salon with can quickly turn into a matted mess and then there’s the damage it can do to your natural eyelashes if you’re really bold and start pulling at them.

Lash addicts let us introduce you to Lashes Love, the latest innovation in semi-permanent lash extensions aftercare.

Lashes Love products have been designed to help keep semi-permanent lashes looking their best and feeling fresh – making the most out of your beauty investment.

The Lashes Love range is dermatologically tested to guarantee kindness to the skin.

There are two products in the range: Lashes Love Water-based Make Up Remover, a gentle, yet effective remover for the sensitive eye area that will not weaken the adhesive bond of eyelash extensions, and Lashes Love Clear Mascara Coating designed to spruce up your lashes for special occasions or as part of your everyday make-up routine to ensure your lashes are sitting perfectly in place.

Niamh Bergin, Owner of Lashes Love says, “For years I have been listening to my clients’ concerns that they find it difficult to look after their new lashes at home.

“The new lash extensions would either not last as long as desired or would become unmanageable from a build up of make-up and other products.

“The reason was simple, they were either using an oil based makeup remover or a mascara that was negatively affecting the adhesive bond.

“Therefore, I sourced the best products on the market, manufactured in Italy and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

I can now offer clients the best products to ensure they get the most out of their semi-permanent lashes. Using the Lashes Love water-based makeup remover as well as the mascara coating, will ensure your semi-permanent lashes last longer and your natural lashes will keep strong and healthy as well.”

The Lashes Love Range is available to purchase at

Lashes Love is also stocked in Meaghers Pharamacy’s and online at as well as in The Vanity Rooms, Stepaside and The Lash Lounge, Rathfarnham.

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