The Miracle Makeup Storage Solutions You Need to Try

Article by Margaret Bonass Madden

This weekend I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing with my new toy. It is silver and shiny and has wheels. No, it’s not a new car (although who wouldn’t like one of those?).

It’s not a new bike, either (I have a very pretty city bike – which is bizarre, as I live in the country and there is nowhere safe to cycle).

It is a Grundtal Trolley, from IKEA (€40). Not something you would expect a woman “of a certain age” to want (or even need); more likely to be found in the room of a teen beauty blogger, right?

IKEA Grundtal Trolley
IKEA Grundtal Trolley

Well, let me tell you, this is a thing of genius. No longer do I find myself traipsing up and down the stairs, looking for the ‘just right’ eyeshadow; trying to remember where I put that perfect lipliner or remembering that I need cotton buds to tidy up a mascara mishap.

Now I have everything to hand. I emptied out all my beauty boxes, organised the contents into more user-friendly containers (more about this, anon) and now I am feeling very zen-like.

There are lots of make-up storage options available out there, but this one works for me. It was very reasonably priced, €40; has open shelves as opposed to bucket-type ones; the chrome suits my bathroom (rather than white or black) and it has a removable tray, ideal for cleaning.

The trolley comes on wheels, making for easy (if a tad noisy) movement toward the sink and mirror area. My son said it looks like the trolleys that nurses use in hospitals and I said “Yes! That’s where I got the idea from! Everything is to hand!”

Homestore and More Cosmetic diamond stackable storage unit
Homestore and More Cosmetic diamond stackable storage unit

I have mentioned the many makeup storage options. There are TONS of these available in shops and in varying price ranges.

Perspex storage is very affordable and easy to find: These handy containers from Homestore and More (€6.99) are ideal for a dressing table or shelving unit. Penneys and TK Maxx also have great ones.

makeup storage 2

I am fond of keeping my products on display and have a penchant for cut-glass storage. This all started with an auction find, where I became the proud owner of an art-deco vanity set, compromising of glass tray, two lidded containers and two candlesticks.

I set the candlesticks aside and now the vanity set sits proudly on my sink surface, holding my daily-use products.

The two containers are the perfect size to hold cotton-wool pads and as they are lidded, this keeps things hygienic. The set was an absolute bargain at €12.

Waterford Crystal also have a stunning tray (€210), if you fancy treating yourself.

IKEA SKURAR plant pots - Image via Who Is Mocca
IKEA SKURAR plant pots – Image via Who Is Mocca

Makeup brushes should really be stored upright, to avoid misshaping or the dreaded marks that eyeshadow and powders can leave on furniture.

There are, again, lots of makeup storage options. I have found some great cut-glass containers in charity shops (vases and slim glasses are ideal).

There is also a nice range of ceramic containers in Flying Tiger. Any stationery shop will have a selection of pen-holders, which are the perfect size.

IKEA SOCKER Plant Pot – Image via @iampriscillale

I also love these SKURAR plant pots from IKEA (€2.50) and their larger matching planters. Actually, plant pots are extremely versatile.

It is also a great way to encourage a clear out. Not that I parted with much. That would just be daft.

Finally, I like to store the bulker items in large glass bowls. I have two on display and they have very different origins: The first is a John Rocha Waterford Crystal Bowl (€190), which my husband won in a golf tournament, and the other is a plain glass plant-pot from IKEA (€1.50), showing the vast range of storage out there.

There is literally no end of ideas and something in all price-ranges. It is also a great way to encourage a clear out. Not that I parted with much. That would just be daft. There could be a beauty emergency!

Now, wheel me over my trolley. STAT!

Margaret Bonass Madden
 Margaret Bonass Madden is a book blogger/reviewer, features writer and mother of five.

She can be found with her nose in a book, surrounded by beauty products and subscription boxes, on Twitter and at

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