Exclusive Interview With Saoirse Ronan Airs Tonight

She may only be 23 but Irish star Saoirse Ronan has already achieved more than most would in a lifetime, so much so that the Oscar nominated actress will be the focus of a TV that airs tonight.

Saoirse Ronan: The Story So Far hits our screens this Friday at 8pm on TV3.

Saoirse Ronan

The darling of Hollywood, the Cavan native will chat to Xpose‘s Karen Koster sharing the highs (there are many) and lows (there surely are a few) of her life and career so far.

Giving a sneak peek of the show on social media, TV3’s Xpose shared a clip of the actress sharing how find out she was Oscar nominated, there was a confetti cannon involved it seems…

Lady Bird, the show Saoirse Ronan received her Oscars 2018 nomination and was awarded a Golden Globe for, hits Irish cinemas on the 23rd of February.

In the, already, multi award winning movie, Saoirse stars as a restless teenager desperate to get out of her stifling and uncultured town in California.

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