Watch: Netflix Release Trailer For The New Series Everybody Will Be Talking About, ‘The Innocents’

This week Netflix announced its latest original series, The Innocents, and followed swiftly with a teaser trailer – and we already know we’re going to be hooked.

As teased in the mysterious trailer, the new series is supernatural/coming-of-age drama based on runaway teenagers Harry and June.

Fleeing from their less than lovely families to be together, they embark on journey of self-discovery, as their relationship is pushed to breaking point as powerful forces intervene and family secrets raise their ugly heads.

have Speaking to GLAMOUR creators and writers of the show Hania Elkington and Simon Duric described it as “a simple classic story at its heart but with escalating stake around it.”

The Innocents
Image Courtesy of Netflix

“What’s really the heart of The Innocents and what we’re hoping will engage with people of all ages is this young love story,” they added.

“It’s these two teenagers on the run, escaping their small town, repressive lives together. They’ve got these hopes and dreams, and the future is all ahead of them.

“But then their innocence is derailed, secrets come out and dark forces rally.

The question is not only will they be able to return to that status of young, innocent and in love but also, will they be able to be together and will they be able to survive.”

The new series is produced by UK-based New Pictures, led by Elaine Pyke, Charlie Pattinson and Willow Grylls and by Chris Croucher.

The Innocents
Image Courtesy of Netflix

The Innocents will star actress Sorcha Groundsell (Clique, Iona, Sleeping Lions) as June and British actor Percelle Ascott (Wizard vs. Aliens, The Weekend Movie) as Harry.

Guy Pearce, who you’ll be familiar with from The King’s Speech, will also star in the new series.

The Innocents will air on Netflix in 2018. The exact release date has yet to be confirmed.

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You can watch the teaser trailer for The Innocents below…

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