Wine Baths Are the Ancient Self-Care Trend We Need Back in Our Lives

We’ve already shared the news wine could be the secret to healthy teeth but now there is another good-for-you reason to indulge in wine.

We’re not talking about a single glass of wine here, but to go a hell of a lot further by bathing in wine.

Yep, ‘wine baths’ are a thing, the official term for bathing in red wine is vinotherapy, and is a practice that dates back to medieval times according to Apartment Therapy.

Image credit: AIRE Ancient Baths

But before you start flooding your bath with gallons of that sweet nectar we must inform you that the practice of bathing in wine doesn’t technically involve bathing in literal wine.

Instead, the ancient practice involves soaking in the grapey remnants of wine production.

The skins, pulp, and seeds of grapes are loaded with resveratrol, an antioxidant commonly used in skin care that research has found increases stamina and longevity.

In fact it can improve the lifespan of cells by as much as 160 percent, according to Apartment Therapy who also say that spas have picked up on the trend by bringing it to their menus – like this one in Barcelona.

So, we’d recommend heading to a spa to soak up the benefits of vinotherapy, I guess that saves you both having to clean up the bath stains and wasting all that precious wine.

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