These 10 Home Decor Trends Will Be Huge in 2018

With the New Year comes a flood of new trends predictions, and just as popular as fashion, beauty and food, are the home decor trends that will be dominating the realm of interior design.

With over 14 billion home ideas on Pinterest the sharing platform is a reliable source of that trends will pick of pace in 2018.

The Pinterest 100 report revealed that home continues to grow with a 75% increase in Pins year over year.

Home Decor Trends

“Pinners are thinking big and small, from full renos to stylish accents, and spend 27% more on decor than people who don’t use Pinterest,” the report details.

Pinterest has called it, these will be the top ten home decor trends in 2018.

1. Resort-inspired style

Think rattan furniture and spa-style bathroom, the latter’s pins increased +269%

2. Metallics

Metals are in, but Pinterest recommends mixing metallics including brass, chrome, and gold (saves for “mixed metals” +423%)

Home Decor Trends

3. Terrazzo flooring

“The forgotten flooring of the ’70s is brightening up ceilings, entryways and everything in between,” Pinterest reports.

4. The fifth wall

Forget statement walls the next big thing is to transform the ceiling with bold paint, striking wallpaper or intricate texture (saves for “statement ceilings” +310%)

5. Bone inlaid tiles

Add drama to any space with a bone inlaid tile pins (saves for “bone inlay” +207%)

6. Herringbone floor

Use of herringbone, incorporated in wall tiles and flooring in shades of grey, as well as the pattern on soft furnishings will get even more popular this year.

Home Decor Trends

7. Colored doors

Welcome mats are all well and good but a “colorful door” pins rose +121% year-on-year and are sure to give a warm welcome

8. Bright foliage

Think beyond green, and opt for foliage that adds color and pattern to any room (saves for “patterned plants” +533%)

9. Graphic wall art

Fill blank spaces with large posters, works of art, and photography prints (saves for “big wall art” +637%)

10. Sage

Pinterest calls this the “new neutral” of 2018 (saves for “sage” +170%)