Ireland’s Next Top Models: 10 Fresh Faces to Watch in 2018

The Irish modelling industry has come a long way since the days where models were most often shot wearing very little outside St. Stephen’s Green.

Nowadays the scene is more bright and beautiful than ever before. Women of all shapes, ethnicities, and ages are being celebrated and casted in leading ad campaigns and editorial shoots.

Models like Thalia Heffernan, Sarah Morissey, and Lousie O’Reilly, have become household names, though hot on their sky high heels are a squad of supermodels in the making.

All of these models have unusual looks, phenomenal physiques, and the talent for embodying the feel of a shoot, and while some are just beginning their modelling journeys, others are already in high demand, flitting between Ireland and the fashion capitals of the world where their striking faces and personalities are just as prized.

We’ve scoured the scene, magazines, billboards, and Instagram to bring you ten fresh faces to watch in 2018. Scroll on to meet Ireland’s next top models.

Tabea Weyrauch DMM

Tabea Weyrauch, 24, Distinct Model Management

How were you discovered?

After being scouted in a shopping centre for the TV show, I won RTE’s The Model Scouts. It was a very special and very bizarre experience, if I didn’t have the footage I could believe that it never happened!

What would you be doing if you weren’t modelling?

I would love to run a cafe, and really invest myself in creating a very beautiful and artistic atmosphere, with a small selection of rustic, quality food and buttery cakes. Cafes should be a haven. I love cafes. It wouldn’t be hipster, though, I would differentiate. That or I would find a man who wants to become anonymous and go and live together independently in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

The most exciting shoot you’ve done?

How could I choose? I’ve had so many! I shot a beautiful editorial in Athens a few weeks ago with the ‘Great Gatsby’ theme. The location was a multi-storied, elaborately decorated 1920’s cafe (yay!) and I got to dress up in lots of sequins and silks and pearls and drink champagne with a famous Greek actor, while the photographer clicked away – and that was work!

Top three desert island beauty essentials?

3 books. The first, ‘how to make a shelter on a desert island’. The second, ‘how to find food and water on a desert island’ (because you can’t be beautiful if you’re dead). And the third, ‘how to make make-up using desert island minerals’. Covered!

Krystal Mahon 1st Option

Krystal Mahon, 23, 1st Option

Besides modelling, do you have another career path in mind?

I have recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, so I’m currently pursuing a career in software engineering.

Who is your favourite model?

My favourite model is Karlie Kloss. Being within the small percentage of females in the IT industry myself, I have the greatest admiration for her entrepreneurial skills. She continues to run coding programs for young women alongside balancing modelling. I think she is an incredible role model for young women to prove that a girl is much more than just her physical appearance. Intelligence is sexy!

What would be your dream shoot?

My dream shoot is to work with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. I admire how it tastefully embodies the sexiness of the female body.

Top three dessert island beauty essentials? Firstly, Burt’s Bees lip balm seeing as I never leave the house without it. Secondly, Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream to keep my skin smooth and hydrated . Thirdly, with my bright blonde hair being my signature, Kérastase hair oil.

What do you think “beauty” is?

Beauty is often distorted and misunderstood by a wide amount of conflicting pressures within society. What I have discovered is that beauty is simple. Beauty is happiness. One who accepts themselves entirely, regardless of outer conditions. One who radiates confidence, self-respect and self-love has a noticeable glow.

Roma Not Another Agency

Roma Magee, 14, Not Another Agency

How did you get into modelling?

I applied through my agency’s website after being encouraged to by family and friends.

Who is your favorite model?

My favorite model at the minute would be Kaia Gerber as she has gained such worldwide attention at a very young age. She’s featured in campaigns and shows due to her confidence and amazing looks which have been passed down from her mum, Cindy Crawford.

Most exciting shoot you’ve done?

My most exciting shoot was for a Lifestyle Sports campaign. It was an amazing experience to shoot with an amazing team. Although it was long hours I loved every minute of it, and through meeting new people I gained confidence for further shoots.

What do you think “beauty” is?

I think beauty is more of an attitude rather than a physical quality of a person. Everyone has a natural beauty which comes from their unique traits and personalities, that’s more important than looks. That beauty really shines through when someone is true to themselves.

Aoife Ruttledge, 20, 1st Option

How were you discovered?

After I took part in UCD fashion show, I knew I wanted to try out modelling professionally, so I emailed Jules the owner of 1st Option MMP some polaroid’s and expressed my interest. We then arranged to meet and I was offered a contract.

Besides modelling, do you have another career path in mind?

Well, I am currently in 3rd year in UCD studying International Commerce so I haven’t fully decided my path as of yet. At the moment I am on Erasmus in Paris, which I am really enjoying. Being in Paris has really reinforced the fact that I want to work in fashion; be it as a buyer, stylist or even in fashion marketing .

What do you think “beauty” is?

With social media these days, I feel the image of beauty has become completely distorted. It is so easy to feel absolutely crap about yourself while scrolling through the Instagram pages of all the fitspos and models, all the while sitting with a ‘hun-bun’, eating your second tub of Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough ice cream (I really hope this is not just me!). I think the most important thing to know is that those girls you see in the magazines don’t even look like themselves! To be honest, I think people are most beautiful when there are happy and being themselves!

Favourite part of being a model?

My favourite part about being a model is getting to meet with such talented people in the industry, be it buyers, photographers, stylists, make-up artist or hair gurus, many of whom I’ve admired for a long time. It is actually quite funny; when you meet them in person and you have to try to act cool and collected when they introduce themselves and you are secretly saying “I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!”.


Abby Harris, 21, Distinct Model Mangement

How were you discovered?

I was scouted on Facebook!

What would you be doing if you weren’t modelling?

I’d probably working outdoors with animals.

What would be your dream shoot?

I don’t actually have a dream shoot, as I had all these dreams when I started & I ended up working most of my dream jobs and hating most of them, so at this stage my dream job is just simply having a great time with a fun team!

Favourite piece of clothing/accessory you own?

Just a little black blazer dress I got from Zara, its super simple and comfortable so I wear it everywhere.

Appiok Not Another Agency

Appoik Tong, 17, Not Another Agency

How were you discovered?

I was discovered in a vintage shop in Temple Bar called Nine Crows by Dean Ryan, the owner of the agency and shop.

The most exciting shoot you’ve done?

The most exciting shoot I’ve done was the body confidence shoot for U Magazine shot by Lee Malone, because it sends out such a good message that it’s okay to feel comfortable with your imperfections because they make you who you are.

Favorite designer?

My favorite designer is Olivier Rousteing because his style of design is so distinctive and original. When women wear his clothes they look strong but sexy.

Who is your favorite model?

I have so many models that I look up to but my favorite is a tie between Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn because they are strong black women that made their marks on the industry and I admire them for that.

Caoileann Distinct Model Management

Caoilainn O’Reilly, 18, Distinct Model Management

How were you discovered?

I was actually discovered on a plane. I was on the way home from a school trip and air steward came up to me and asked me was I interested in modelling and I said yes of course! He wrote some details on a paper bag and yeah the rest is history.

The most exciting shoot you’ve done?

The most exciting shoot I have ever done was a shoot that took place in the Wicklow mountains. I got to work with lambs, chickens, horses and dogs – best day ever!

What would be your dream shoot?

My dream shoot would probably be for Dries Van Noten because his clothing is breathtaking, and Coco Rocha would be there too.

Favourite designer?

Dries Van Noten, unsurprisingly! I saved up and bought my debs dress from his collection.

Your top 3 desert island beauty essentials

If had to choose it would be Benefit Hoola Bronzer, Vaseline, and NARS concealer.

Tara McGonagle 1st Option Models

Tara McGonagle, 18, 1st Option

How were you discovered?

It was the end of transition year and I was doing my final work experience placement in Makeup For Ever. One of the makeup artists used me as a model for some of her makeup looks and asked me was I signed with an agency. When I told her, she was surprised and then told me to contact 1st option MMP. That experience alone definitely made the extra year in school worth it.

Your top 3 desert island beauty essentials

This is always tough to answer but my skin wouldn’t survive without Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum. Next would have to be some SPF 50 because i’m hoping it’s a sunny island, and lastly I would bring clear mascara and double it up as a brow gel.

What do you think beauty is?

I believe beauty is how you make others and yourself feel, if you spread happiness, comfort and can help people feel good about themselves that is true beauty.

Favourite model?

Kate Moss, has been my favourite model. I love how she’s able to fit in with any mood the shoot has and make it work. I’d love to do more shoots that push me out of my comfort zone so i can gain this skill.

Lara Quinn Distinct Model Management

Lara Quinn, 18, Distinct Model Management

How did you get into modelling?

I came to Distinct myself after falling in love with modelling locally back home in Cork.

What is the favourite piece of clothing or accessory you own?

Oh, I love anything I own that has a high neck or ruffle collar, and maybe my buckle shoes too.

What do you think “beauty” is?

When someone appears ‘beautiful,’ I think it is just a byproduct of their ability to accept/ love themselves. Anyone can appear attractive, but beauty is achieved on a deeper, much more psychological level. It is an outer-body reflection an inner self-love or love for what’s around us.

What do you love most about modelling?

It’s a tie between a. getting the chance to travel, and b. getting to let my creative juices flow when I work with creative people.

Eimear Helly Not Another Agency

Eimear Helly, 20, Not Another Agency

How were you discovered?

On Instagram.

The most exciting shoot you’ve done?

Any shoot I’ve done with Dean Ryan McDaid.

What do you think “beauty” is?

Having a natural ability to be confident and true to yourself

Who is your favourite model?

Adwoa Aboah.