Planning a Holiday? These Are The 10 Riskiest Places to Travel Abroad

Travelling to the furthest corners of the world is one of life’s greatest joys but nothing can spoil a holiday more than when things go wrong.

Whether it’s things getting stolen, breaking something or winding up in hospital, your holiday high can very easily take a dramatic dip.

Well if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of not running into a trouble, perhaps the data compiled by travel insurance experts Endsleigh Insurance Services might be useful.

They analysed their data to work out which countries are the most risky for tourists when it comes to making an insurance claim.

Image via @travel_inhershoes on Instagram travel
Image via @travel_inhershoes on Instagram

Coming out on top is Thailand – that will probably be down to all that partying, scooter riding and scuba diving.

A massive 23% of all Endsleigh’s insurance claims were made in Thailand last year.

Chile and the US came joint second, with 15% of claims each.

Claims were most commonly made for emergency medical expenses abroad, followed by insurance claims was lost or damaged baggage, for dental expenses, and missed flights.

A claim cost the average unlucky traveler £1,319 – so ya, you might want to consider getting travel insurance…

These are the top 10 countries found to be most risky for tourists:

1. Thailand

23% of all claims

2. Chile

15% of all claims

3. USA

15% of all claims

4. Spain

8% of all claims

5. Germany

8% of all claims

6. Nepal

8% of all claims

7. Peru

8% of all claims

8. France

7% of all claims

9. Bahamas

4% of all claims

10. Brazil

4% of all claims