10 Tips to Keep Fit and Stay Healthy Over the Christmas Holidays From a Fitness Expert

Christmas,it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Whether you are going home to family, off hitting the slopes, or sunning it up abroad for the New Year, we all know that it will be a time of catch ups and overindulgence. Not only is it a time for celebrations, but it’s super busy so we need our health to be in tip-top shape to avoid post New Year burn out.

Here are my top ten tips for keeping as fit healthy and as realistically possible this Christmas season:

Audrey O'Connor Healthy Christmas Guide

1. Breakfast & Lunch… What’s your excuse?

These two meals should not be interrupted by the social festive activities. Preparation is key have healthy options in stock all Christmas like my favourites :-

– Porridge oats
– Berries
– Greek yogurt
– Hi-fibre brown bread
– Free range eggs
– Avocados & spinach
– Sweet potatoes
– Lean proteins of choice meat (I am sure most homes will be overflowing with turkey and ham)

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail this Christmas when it comes to breakfast and brunch.

2. Home Yoga/Pilates Workout

If you are feeling sluggish over the festive season but have no studio open nearby why not try a home workout. Pilates Anytime and Yoga Anytime are a brilliant online resources.

The bonus is the first month subscription of the app is free, so its win/win you have no excuse not to squeeze in a workout on the mat.

Audrey O'Connor Healthy Christmas Guide @audspilates

3. Drinking – Mixers

Stick to clear drinks as much as possible. If drinking Spirits why not try sparkling water as a mixer. My drink of choice is a Dingle Gin and sparkling water and not only is the mixer naturally sugar free, it also helps keep you hydrated saving you on the hangover the next day.

Sugary mixers are lethal on the waistline, and slimline tonics are laced with artificial sweeteners and are best avoided. Aim to have a glass of water before you order your next round and your body will thank you for it the next day.

4. Treat Yo’ Self – Workout Equipment

Invest in a resistance band, a set of gliders and dumbbells. Set a realistic goal and aim to do at least one or two home resistance or HIIT workouts over Christmas. Check out online resources like the Freeletics app or Sworkit and feel stronger heading into the New Year.

5. Walks and Talks

Wrap up warm, grab a family member or friend, and get outside for some fresh air! Get the best of both worlds by catching up with loved ones and being active.

If no one is around download a positive podcast about a subject that interests you, and get the most out of you’re time outside. Fill your lungs with fresh air and avoid cabin fever.

Audrey O'Connor Healthy Christmas Guide @felicitymurphy

6. Avoid Burn Out – Boost your Immunity

So many people to see in such a small space of time. All the catch ups and overindulgence can leave your immune system on the road to a burn out and feeling run down.

Make sure this Christmas you are eating all the greens and if you cant take a supplement like Supergreens. Increase your Vitamin C levels and Zinc intake and of course stay as hydrated as much as possible.

7. Meditate

Christmas is hectic and sometimes we can overstretch ourselves trying to make all the social commitments that come our way. Look after your mental health and take time out to find mental space this Christmas.

I cannot recommend meditation enough download Headspace or Calm apps and indulge in at least ten minutes of meditation a day.

8. Fitness Tracker

Have you presents coming your way this year and you still do not know what you want? Ask for a Fitbit or any other type of fitness tracker. Become accountable for you’re training and aim to hit at least 10,000 steps a days as a minimum and build up your fitness goals in the New Year.

Audrey O'Connor Healthy Christmas Guide @felicitymurphy

9. Positive Vibes

Do something positive this Christmas and make a difference in someone else’s life not only will you make someone else’s day but it feels good to help others.

Whether it’s popping into an older neighbour that lives alone and keeping them company for a few hours or even signing up for a 5km charity run, Christmas is a special time so do something positive for someone else this Christmas season.

10. Be Kind to Yourself

Christmas only comes around once a year so make the most of it. Eat, drink, be active and of course be Merry. Try to find balance this Christmas.

Enjoy the treats, the couch surfing and your time with loved ones without the guilt. Happy Christmas and do Check outmy page @audspilates on Instagram for home workout, recipes and more fitness tips this Christmas season.

Audrey O’ Connor is one of Dublin leading Polestar/Stott Pilates Practitioners and Personal Trainers.

You can follow Audrey on Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram. View her class timetable as FFS Yoga HERE.