3 Tricks for Flawless Foundation from a Celebrity Makeup Artist

The oxymoron that is the ‘no makeup’ makeup trend isn’t going anywhere. The dilemma for those trying to achieve the look though is this technique you need to master to get this ‘effortless’ look is pretty hard to achieve.

You need to blot the shine in some areas, but enhance it in others to create a dewy glow. Fill in every pore and find the exact colour match for your skin by blending four different foundations. Not to mention the 13 step skin care regime you follow rigorously in order to create the perfect base… it’s not easy being ‘natural’.

Thankfully, celebrity makeup artist and La Mer brand ambassador Mary Phillips revealed her secrets to “no makeup” makeup, in conversation with Covetuer.

Read on for Mary’s top three tips for the perfect ‘no-makeup’ makeup we’ve seen on her clients Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen, Olivia Munn, and the Kardashians, to name a few.

1. Leave the sides of your face shiny

“Set makeup and blur pores and fine lines by applying powder to the center of the face only, leaving the perimeter natural and dewy. That shine around the face is beautiful. Light-reflective particles in the La Mer pressed powder work like a filter on skin, so it doesn’t look dry, cakey, or even sparkly, but more like live skin.”

Jennifer Lopez

2. Highlight with cream after applying foundation

“Instead of strobing, warm a small amount of moisturizer in your fingers, then press it onto your cheekbones for a natural highlight. Whether you’re 19 or 50, this technique will not age you. After you’ve applied foundation, just press your fingertips on the areas where you want a little glow.”

3. Revitalize old foundation with cream

“Makeup tends to settle during the day. Before you go out at night, rehydrate your morning foundation by applying a little cream on top with a foundation brush, then add more foundation or powder wherever you need it. Your makeup will look completely fresh again.”