Master These 3 Workout Moves to Have Better Sex

There are any reasons to stay fit. It keeps you healthy, in shape, and (this one is the key for us) sane, plus going to the same gym, yoga studio, or workout classes continuously definitely opens you up to new friendships.

But exercise can benefit one relationship in particular, the one you have with your partner.

The key to taking your love life up a level could lie in the gym, or even on the living room floor (we don’t mean it that way, but if you’re into that throw down a towel to avoid carpet burn).

According to Burn60 master trainer Julie Diamond, who spoke to Well + Good, “we need endurance and lung capacity in everything we do to increase our energy.”

Couples Workout Together

So cardio workouts are important for sex stamina, but to really boost your performance there are four body areas Diamond suggests strengthening as well: the abs, lower back, upper body, and pelvic floor.

Keep reading for 3 workout moves that can help improve your stamina and sex life.

1. Plank

“The abs and lower back get used quite a bit in every sexual position,” Diamond says. “Planks help engage and stabilize these muscles.”

You can try planks of all varieties, high, side, or single-leg, to get the benefits. Just make sure you have the correct form – bum down, hips up.

Gypsyon Pablo Workout Out Together

2. Push-up

“Push-ups are great because they increase your ability to support your own bodyweight,” Diamond says, and of course being able to hold your own weight will in turn enable you to hold your own, and that’s when things get really fun.

3. Glute bridge

“Bridges are my favorite for both men and women. The pubococcygeus muscle is a hammock-shaped muscle that stretches from your pubic bone to your tailbone. Having a strong pelvic floor increases the strength of your orgasms,” Diamond says.

*Immediately takes to the office floor to perform some glute bridges, so eh, we can perform*