Sun, Sea & Silky Hair: 5 Summer Haircare Tips From The Experts

Let’s set the scene. You’re packing for your holidays. You’ve got a vast supply of sun cream, sandals for each (obsessively planned) outfit, and sunglasses for every occasion, but how about haircare?

Given the sun, sea and sand you’re likely to subject your tresses to haircare should be top of your list.

To get the down low on how to keep our hair healthy on your holidays we chatted to the experts at great Lengths – spoiler: maintaining the PH balance a key.

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Read on for 5 top tips to keep your hair looking and feeling its best this summer.

1. Enrich your hair with B vitamins

Sunshine provides that all important vitamin D, but the salty sea can leave your hair craving enriching B vitamins- it helps to moisturise the hair strand, counterbalancing the dehydration caused by the salt molecules.

Pack a hair mask that provides essential moisture and vitamins and apply it half-way through your holiday, when your hair is really craving it.

Great lengths Hairmask-extra-rich

Great Lengths’ Extra Rich Hair Mask contains vitamin B5 which ensures crucial moisture balance.

2. Balance your PH levels after swimming in the pool

It’s not just salt water that can dry your hair out. Chlorine in swimming pools can rob your hair of moisture and alter the natural PH balance of your scalp, causing flaky skin and dry, damaged hair.

PH balance, or ‘potential hydrogen’, refers to the complex balance of the natural, acid-alkaline levels.

Everything from salt and chlorine to sweat can interfere with these levels, turning your hair from neutral to alkaline and ultimately causing your locks to feel very dry.

Great Lengths Anti-Tap-Water

To restore PH levels after a day of swimming and sunbathing, use a product that re-infuses the scalp and hair with any lost moisture, such as Great Lengths’ Anti Tap Water.

3. Tame those tangles

Sweat, salt and chlorine can all contribute to knotty hair, so its important to detangle your hair after swimming, with a paddle brush, to prevent matting.

When we go on holiday, we tend to pay attention to our skin, protecting it at all costs, but we all too often neglect our hair – Creative and Education for Great Lengths, Louise Jenkins

Better still, prevent tangles in the first instance by tying your hair in a neat plait, or a low bun.

4. Pack sun-protecting products!

Wearing a hat, cap or scarf while out and about on holiday will protect your hair from the sun’s UV rays, and can help minimise damage caused by the sun.

Using a sun protector on your hair can also help prevent damage, particularly if your hair is coloured and prone to fading.

5. Top tips specifically for extension wearers

Creative and Education for Great Lengths, Louise Jenkins, said, “when we go on holiday, we tend to pay attention to our skin, protecting it at all costs, but we all too often neglect our hair, which is also prone to damage in hot, humid and wet conditions.”

“Make sure to pack the right products for your hair and use a sun protector when out and about in the heat,” Louise advises.

Chemicals like chlorine remove the moisture from your hair, and won’t keep your extensions looking their best. If you do swim in a chlorinated pool, wear your hair up or a in a plait”

Louise also advises not to forget your prescribed Great Lengths shampoo and conditioner products when you go on holiday, as these will provide some much needed TLC to hair that is exposed to heat and damaging sun rays.

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