5 Reasons Why Lifestyle Retailer Oliver Bonas Needs to Come to Ireland Right Now

Article by Selene Alford

I wasn’t overly thrilled at the prospect of trekking out to Luton Airport for a recent return journey home. Memories of a previous 8 hour layover spent lumbering around the airport’s Starbucks still haunt me to this day. But five years ago they didn’t have Oliver Bonas to keep me occupied!

As one of my favourite lifestyle retailers, I still find it hard to believe that it hasn’t made it out of the UK yet (not counting the online store, of course).

Having spent years travelling back and forth to Hong Kong collecting bags and accessories to sell to friends or at markets, founder Oliver Tress opened the first Oliver Bonas store on the Fulham Road (think Made in Chelsea locales) in London in 1993.

Naming it after himself and using the surname of his then girlfriend, the store first began with products sourced at tradeshows. Now, more than three quarters of what’s on offer is designed by the in-house team.

Famed for the vibrancy of the bright and bold colours it uses across its ranges of clothing, accessories, jewellery, homeware and furniture, Oliver Bonas adds new lines and designs each week to its retail and online stores… so there’s always something new for you to put on your wishlist.

70 stores later, dotted all across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, it’s high time that we had one of own!

1. Metallic Round Nesting Tables

Oliver Bonas

When I think of nests of tables I tend to picture something made from oak or a mahogany, stacked firmly in the corner of a living room, destined never to be used.

Growing up I could never understand the point of them and to me they were the furniture equivalent of a Babushka doll, always displayed in a perfect ascending row.

However, there will be no fear of unuse from this trio which features all your favourite metallics; copper, gold and silver, as well as soft green, grey and blue toned legs, bringing an extra splash of colour to your space.

2. Josephine Velvet Armchair

Oliver Bonas

Talk about retro-opulence! The Josephine Velvet Chair seems like it’s caught in several different eras all at once and who can say no to a bit of fringe.

Although it can look slightly on the chintzy side and most people associate it with something lingering around a great-aunt’s living room, fringe is growing back in popularity.

Rather than ramping up the kitsch factor with some passé florals, the sapphire blue jewel tones of the Josephine chair brings a sophisticated edge.

3. Oro Dressing Table

Designed by the OB Studio (that’s the Oliver Bonas Studio to you and I) the Oro Dressing Table is the perfect example of contemporary, elegant design. Its soft grey front gives a warm, almost lilac glow that would work perfect with Dulux’s heather-toned Colour of the Year 2018, Heart Wood.

It features a large front drawer with two separate compartments for all your random bits and bobs, a stunning gold-toned frame and legs and a wooden top table in herringbone pattern giving it a modern finish.

4. Flyder Floor Lamp

In keeping with our never ending love for mid century design, Oliver Bonas brings you the Flyder Floor Lamp. It’s like a beautiful series of street lamps designed especially for your living room.

Four separate lamps branch out from the centre stem bringing a warm glow from the frosted glass globes that hang from each branch. And if you’re not in the market for a floor lamp, I’m happy to report that they also carry a range of similar ceiling, pendant and wall lamps with the same brushed gold and frosted glass.

5. Tre Mirror

Tinted glass mirrors have been quite popular with homeware shoppers in recent years and it’s easy to see why. They’re incredibly eye-catching, quite minimalistic and compliment a myriad of spaces and schemes.

The Tre Mirrors offer a geometric trio of clear glass, rose gold and a light grey tint. Hang them in your bedroom or bathroom, lean them on top of a fireplace or sideboard like a functional art piece.

I think I’ve made my case. Come on Oliver Bonas, the good people of Ireland should no longer have to rely on Luton Airport (and other stores) for their fix!

Selene AlfordSelene Alford is the interiors obsessed creator of glazed.ie, a guide to stunning interiors and covetable homewares to you inspire you to create your own dream space.

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