This New Irish Christmas Song is Guaranteed to Pull on Your heart Strings

Cork based Singer Songwriter Maria Byrne, captures the sentiment of Christmas in this nostalgia soaked festive song ‘In This City’, which will resonate with the diaspora of Irish all over the world who are returning home for Christmas.

It’ll surely pull on the heart strings of many. For anyone with a love affair of Ireland and all its charm, from its people to its atmosphere, this song nestles up to you like a warm toddy on a cold winters night.

With the help of old friend and producer Karl Odlum (Ham Sandwich, The Frames, Fionn Regan et Al) Maria has written and recorded this original Christmas song as the follow up to her cover version of the Genesis classic ‘Follow You Follow Me’ as currently featured on the bank of Ireland TV advert. 

Penned about the annual visit home for many Irish people living abroad, Maria manages to successfully set the scene to the nostalgic reconnection we make with old friends at this time of year.

Says Maria: ‘For me I spent 12 years living in London and have been returning home to Cork every Christmas, so I wanted to capture that feeling of familiarity and the romance of Ireland at Christmas time, like travelling back in time almost’.

The song has that press repeat feel to it. And familiar it is, as you feel like you have heard it already after just pressing play once. The jovial festive atmosphere it sets is almost Pogues-esque, highlighting Byrne’s panache for penning a great song.

And we will sing and we will dance like we are 20, and well drink and we will laugh until we are empty. In this city, in the night-time the music spills out on the snow. We are smoking cigarettes reminiscing telling stories to folks we dont know and then the bell rings for the last time so we will ask the barman for more and all of our troubles and all of our worries will go melting away with snow.

You can check out the song “In This City” below:

We asked Maria what 2019 holds: “I will have a new EP in March along with a mini Irish Tour. The last few months have been such a whirlwind, the Bank of Ireland Tv ad using my version of The Genesis Cover “Follow You, Follow Me” has opened so many doors and given me a great platform to get more music out there. Performing on The Ray Darcy Saturday Night Tv Show was such a highlight for me and set the precipice for more to come and I have so many songs! I hope those chosen for the EP will showcase some of my favourite from recent recordings”.

You can stay up to date with Maria’s music here: