Hello From the Rich Side: This is How Much Adele Earns Every Hour

Not every one can say that they earn more than former British footballer and model David Beckham, but this talented woman definitely can – and it’s not his wife.

Singing sensation Adele has earned herself a whopping £16.5 million (€18.85m) in the past twelve months, overtaking Becks due to her £10 million payrise last year. This breaks down to £45,000 (€51,000) per day.

The amazing record sales for her third studio album back in 2015, 25, have helped garner the Londoner this amazing income, with the album selling over 22 million copies worldwide, going 11 times Platinum in both the United Kingdom and United States.

Adele Salary

The 15-time Grammy winner has toured numerous times too, and in 2017 she ended her second-half of the Adele Live concerts. The singer did suffer from damaged vocal chords having to cancel her final two dates, however with tickes prices starting from €67.50 it all added up to boost her annual salary.

Although Adele recently announced she is taking a break from the music industry, to raise her now five-year-old son with husband Simon Konecki, and has plans for another little bundle of joy, her record sales and royalties will continue to earn her plenty more.

“I’ll see ya later, I’ll see ya on the other side. In a couple of years when I’ll be back, you won’t be able to get rid of me. I’m going to go and have another baby.”

Photos: Getty Images