Aldi’s €8 Dupe for the Supermud GlamGlow Mask Hits Stores This Weekend

We’re big fans of charcoal beauty products here at IndulgeMe. We’ve already share 6 charcoal hits (toothpaste included) and our pick of the best charcoal face masks.

Now discount retailer Aldi is getting in on the craze with a new Lacura range of charcoal beauty products.


The collection includes the Lacura Charcoal Clearing Mud Mask (€7.99) that looks like an exact dupe for the best-selling Supermud GlamGlow mask, which retail for around €49 for 50g.

The full range will hit store shelves from Sunday, 11th February in 130 Aldi stores nationwide, and includes four specially formulated beauty staples to give your skin a deep cleanse, leaving you feeling radiant.

Lacura Charcoal Cleansing Mud Mask €7.99

With its famous absorbent properties that draw out impurities from skin, activated charcoal is the latest wonder ingredient taking the beauty industry by storm.

It is natural carbon and actively removes toxins from the skin, opens and tightens pores and degreases shiny skin, leaving it moisturised and super clear.

Lacura Charcoal

With prices starting from €1.99, you can pick up a full collection of four premium products at Aldi for only €20.96.

Along with the mud mask is a Lacura Charcoal Mud to Foam Cleanser (€7.99), Lacura Charcoal Micellar Water (€2.99/200ml) and Lacura Charcoal Face Wipes (€1.99/25 pack.)

Lacura Charcoal Face Wipes €1.99

The only globally recognised certification for cosmetics, personal care and household cleaning products, the range also features the Leaping Bunny – awarded when a genuine commitment to no animal testing is demonstrated by a company.

We’ll definitely be hitting stores Sunday, 11th February to pick up the mask in particular to see for ourselves if it works as well as its more expensive counterpart.