Indulge Your Pet: Aldi Launches First Ever Pet Collection

You might already go to Aldi for most of your essentials (including their new new Charcoal Beauty range) and now you can pick up your pet essentials too with Aldi’s brand new Pet Event, in 130 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, 22nd February.

To back up their first ever range of pet accessories Aldi did their research, with a recent survey commissioned proving that we’re a nation of dog lovers – 81% of people that answered the survey had a dog, with only 8% having cats.

Aldi Pet Bed

When it comes to bed time, 43% of Irish people let their pet sleep on or in the bed with them, and an astonishing 98% of people surveyed consider their pet as a member of the family.

37% of people spend between €10 and €20 per month on pet treats and 50% of people spend less than €10 per month on pet toys, with Christmas being the most popular time of the year when it comes to spoiling your pet. 74% of pet owners buy their pets Christmas presents, with only 49% buying their pet a birthday present.

Aldi Dog Coats

From toys to towels to cages and cat caves, the Pet Event boasts premium quality products at great value Aldi prices.

First off, let’s get them cosy (they do spend much of their day in sleep mode after all). The range includes Pet Crates available in Small (€24.99) to Extra Large (€49.99) that make for a great new home for your dog and ideal for house training, travel and a safe place to sleep.

Washable – a key faeature – Pet Beds are available in Small €9.99, Medium €13.99, Large €17.99, and Extra Large €19.99), and there’s even a Memory Foam Mattress (€14.99) that moulds to your pet’s shape for added comfort

Keep your bestie in tip top condition and clean up on value with the like of a Pet Towel (€6.99) Rubber Pet Mat (€3.99) in the range.

For when it’s ‘walkies’ time there’s a Waterproof Dog Coat (€12.99) with a cosy Sherpa fleece lining available in various sizes.

If you want to take your pet on the road, there’s a number of durable and practical Pet Carriers with plenty of ventilation and integrated handle avaialble in Small (€9.99) and Medium (€12.99).

Purrfect comfort. Because cats need to feel safe and they need to play – and you like to save money!

Cat owners will appreciate the Cat Cave (€12.99) and Hooded Cat Litter Tray (€9.99) to keep them entertained and safe.

Independently tested for performance, nutritional balance and taste through the respected Leatherhead Food Research, you can rely on Aldi’s Langham’s Complete Dry Dog Food and Vitacat ranges to keep your furry friend fed with.

Pet owners would be barking mad to miss the unbelievable savings in Aldi. Check out the new range in 130 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, 22nd February.