Aldi’s To Launch Massive Gin Festival Featuring Raspberry & Chocolate Gins

If you’re a gin lover on a quest to find your next favourite gin, then you’ll need to head to Aldi on May 31st.

On that day the retailer will be launching a massive Gin Festival with a range of gins to suit all tastes hitting the shelves, of 130 stores nationwide – just in time for the June Bank Holiday weekend

The Irish gins you can expect to see include Boyle’s Raspberry Blush (€24.99/70cl) a twist on the classic multi- award-winning Boyle’s that has a fresh raspberries scent and a hint of spice.

Gin Festival Aldi Boyles Raspberry Blush €24.99

Next is Brennan’s Old House Gin (€29.99/70cl) that is said to capture a little bit of Irish magic in every bottle taking inspiration from native Irish botanicals.

An exclusive to Aldi, Tower Gin (€29.99/70cl) promises a chocolate-orange sweetness emerges from the organic cacao and orange peel – yep, you read right, it’s basically chocolate gin.

While Ha’penny Rhubarb Gin (€29.99/70cl) promises to deliver a soft rhubarb fragrance with discernible notes of juniper and lemon peel followed by subtle hints
of black pepper.

Last of the Irish is St Patrick’s Classic Juniper Potato Gin
 (€29.99/70cl), a complex gin, with a fragrant floral, piney nose, entwining the sweet freshness from the potatoes.

Representing Scotland are Eden Mill Traditional Scottish Gins. Joining the Traditional Batch Gin, are the more alternative Blueberry & Vanilla Gin and Chilli & Ginger Gin. These are all priced at €24.99/50cl.

From England there will be a quadruple-distilled with 12 botanical Bulldog Gin and Copeland Gin Rhuberry with notes of sweet rhubarb and fresh blackberry fruit. Both are €29.99/70cl.

Of course, if you’re going to buy a gin you’ll need a fancy garnish for all that G&T making you have planned.

You can also pick up a Gin Garnish Selection for €1.99 that features Orange Zest, Juniper Berries and Cinnamon Sticks.

The above products are available in 130 Aldi stores nationwide from Thursday, 31st May.