Why You Should Always Wash Your Sunglasses According to This Skincare Expert

If like us you have been practically sleeping in your sunglasses during this incredible heatwave then you may be shocked to learn you should have been giving them a good old clean in between wears.

According to skincare expert Ruby Wang, founder of Korean beauty brand Nudie Glow it’s is essential in this hot weather that we clean our sunnies regularly. 

Speaking to the Mail Online Wang explained the similarity between our phones and our sunglasses – which are likely to be covered in ‘bacteria that hides on the surface’ – dirty sunglasses could cause you a nasty break out on your flawless complexion, as they as in such close contact with your face.

Image via iStock
Image via iStock

She goes on to explain how we should all be wash our sunglasses after each wear, focusing on the areas that come into contact with our skin. Wang also suggests a vigorous exfoliation around your nose on particularly hot days like the ones we have been blessed with recently just to be on the safe side.

For full disclosure we have probably never washed our sunglasses however we think it’s about time we started !