This Irish Hairstylist Created Kylie Jenner’s Met Gala’s Look

The elaborate thematic style and beauty looks on last night’s Met Gala 2018 red carpet were far from what you’d see walking down Grafton Street, but there was in fact an Irish connection, Irish celebrity hair stylist Andrew Fitzsimons.

The hair stylist from Balinteer, who regularly tends to the tresses of not only the Kardashian clan but numerous others famous faces, was called upon by the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie, to complete her Met Gala look.

Andrew Fitzsimons

Explaining his vision for the hairstyle Andrew said: “Kylie’s gorgeous Alexander Wang dress was both really interesting and beautifully simple.”

“The moment I saw it, I knew we had to do either a ponytail or bun to keep the silhouette nice and clean.”

Andrew Fitzsimmons Kylie Jenner hairstyle met gala 2018 image via @kyliejenner
image via @kyliejenner on Instagram

“Ultimately, we decided on a centered bun towards the back of the head.”

“Instead of making it super sleek (since the dress is almost bodycon), we decided to make it very textured and have hairs framing her face in the front. Because everything else is so structured, we wanted the hair to have an element of ease—almost as if she did it herself.”

Andrew went on to explain exactly how he created Kylie’s look, and it actually sounds pretty achievable…

“First, I gave her a sleek blowout with Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam (€12.95, lookfantastic). I chose this product so the blowout would have some body and not be too sleek,” Andrew explains.

“Next, I added in Luxy Hair Extensions to give the bun we created a bit of volume.”

“I sectioned off the very front of her hair line and pulled everything else back into a bun using Paul Mitchell Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray (€20,, leaving the front of the hairline down.”

He then “sprayed all the down pieces around her hair line with Paul Mitchell INVISIBLEWEAR Undone Texture Hairspray ($19,”

“Next I pulled some of the front strands back to the bun, while leaving some hair down frame her face,” the stylist explains and added how he “pulled out some additional pieces from the bun and sprayed them with Paul Mitchell Neon Sugar Tease Texture + Hold Teasing Hairspray ($14.99,”

“To add definition to the ends, I used a little bit of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum (€17.95, lookfantastic) on the pieces sticking out of the bun.”

“Finally, I finished the look with Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray all over.”