Snowed in With Invites? ASOS’s New Occasionwear Drop is Wedding Guest’s Dream

ASOS Occasionwear Spring 2018
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If the only thing that’s causing you more stress than being snowed in right now is the mountain of wedding and occasion invites that keep coming in – cue occasionwear planning panic.

Stacking up week-on-week, this teetering pile of invites is enough to drive even the most-prepared, stylish and cashed-up invitee crazy.

We were never big fans of maths in school, and fashion maths is no less panic inducing – How many weddings? How many dresses? How many times can you wear the same outfit twice?

ASOS occassionwear

Thankfully, ASOS, our stalwart online fashion destination is here, to solve all possible equations.

Yesterday they dropped their new season occasionwear update and it has all the pastels, pinstripe jumpsuits, delicate layers, ruffles and florals that you could have asked for.

ASOS’s own brand White, Premium, and Design collection are the shining stars, but are part of a wider galaxy of shiny new dresses and jumpsuits from an array of brands that will ensure you sparkle on your, I mean the bride’s, big day.

Visit the gallery above to see 10 of our favourite occasionwear pieces on ASOS right now, and say ‘I do’ (or at least RSVP) to all those wedding invites.