This is the Average Amount Spent on a Wedding in Ireland

There’s a lot you could do with €26,000. Travel the world, put a deposit on an apartment, get the keys of a jeep, but many choose to blow this amount on one. single. day. Their wedding.

According to new figures, the average amount Irish couples spend on their big day is now €26,015.

This is a 7 per cent increase from last year’s average of €24,427, an extra €1,588.


So where does €26,015 go exactly? The couple’s venue is statistically the most expensive.

The figures, calculated by WeddingsOnline, show the average spend on a wedding venue in Ireland is €12,413, close to half their overall budget.

Hotels are still the most popular venue of choice. Two thirds (67 per cent) of Irish couples hold their reception at a hotel, while almost 19 per cent opt for a country house and 9 per cent splash out on a castle.

Wedding Cake

Getting the party started, and keeping it going long into the night, is another big expense.

The wedding band costs an average of €2,019, while couples spend much less (€434) on a DJ.

Photographers don’t come cheap either. An average of €1,597 is spent on the photographer and €1,283 on the videographer.


Of course, the wedding dress clocks up a considerable (and totally worth while) bill of around €1,787, plus €726 for bridesmaid dresses.

Then there’s €368 for makeup, €313 for hair and €1,068 on suits for the groom and groomsmen, bringing it to a total average of €4,262 on grooming and outfits for the bridal party.