Rumour Has It Back To The Future 4 Is Going To Happen

The internet has been awash with rumours that Back to the Future 4 was currently in development. People lost their minds, naturally.

But let’s cut to the chasE. Back to the Future 4 isn’t happening.

The rumour stemmed from a Facebook post (that’s since been removed) apparently from Michael J Fox, who plays Marty McFly, appeared to announce that Back to the Future 4 is currently in development.

Back to the future
Image via Universal

The post was accompanied by a photo of him with Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) and Lea Thompson (Marty’s mum Lorraine).

But turns out this isn’t the case – it’s not Michael’s official page.

The origin of the photo is Lea Thompson’s Instagram account, and it was taken at the 2015 London Comic Con where the trio were celebrating the 30th anniversary of the original Back to the Future.

Before this was discovered however fans took to Twitter to express their joy at the revelation:



It seems that Robert Zemeckis, director and co-writer of the classic ’80s trilogy, is sticking to what he told Digital Spy in 2015, that Back to the Future 4 isn’t going to happen.

“It’s making them insane that we don’t want to do another Back to the Future,” said Zemeckis, who earlier revealed that he and co-creator Bob Gale wouldn’t let a sequel or remake happen within their lifetime.

“It’s like a pre-sold title for them – it would open gigantically [at the box office]. That’s all that anyone cares about.”

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