Banish Redness in a Flash with Dermalogica’s New Redness Relief Essence

For people with redness caused by sensitive skin, finding the right skin care products can be a complex task. Sensitivity andredness affect every skin type, from dry to oily – and causes vary from genetics to triggers like stress, diet, cosmetics ingredients, allergies and pollution. With so many variables, figuring out what causes your redness can be easier said than done.

Dermalogica’s NEW Redness Relief Essence Dermalogica’s NEW Redness Relief Essen(€46.00) is a powerful new way to treat sensitivity-induced redness – without risking further skin irritation. Lightweight like toner but concentrated like a serum, Redness Relief Essence’s refreshing formula visibly reduces redness right away – and helps reduce overall sensitivity by strengthening skin’s moisture barrier.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

Redness Relief Essence reduces the appearance of redness; boosts hydration and helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier; and calms, soothes and balances skin.
· Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (Licorice Root) Extract soothes irritation.
· Propanediol and Piperonyl Glucoside helps reduce redness.
· Naturally-antioxidant oat-derived Avenanthramides and Beta Glucan, along with Vitamin E help soothe and relieve skin irritation, redness and discomfort.

· Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Extract boosts recovery of the skin’s protective lipid barrier.
· Aloe Vera Leaf Juice hydrates skin to help relieve irritation from dryness

How to Use:
Shake well before use. After cleansing, dispense a small amount into palm and pat gently over cleansed face, neck and chest. May use twice a day for continuous relief.

Redness Relief Essence (€46.00) comes in a retail size (150ml) or travel size (€23.00 – 50ml). Find it at authorised Dermalogica salons and skin centres and at from April 1st, 2019