Like Your Tan To Be *Really* Dark? Say Hello to Bellamianta’s New Ultra Dark Mousse

If you’re of the frame of mind that when it comes to fake tan you can never really go too dark then Bellamianta’s latest innovation might just become a permanent staple in your bronzing collection.

Just in time for a sizzling summer, the leading Irish tanning company has unveiled Ultra Dark Self Tanning Tinted Mousse that promises to be easy to use and to offer a (very) deep olive glow.

True to the nutritional nature of all Bellamianta products, Ultra Dark Self Tanning Tinted Mousse is bursting with natural extracts making it far more than a beauty accessory but the ultimate skin treatment too.

Bellamianta Image via @bellamianta on Instagram
Image via @bellamianta on Instagram

This lightweight formula is said to dry in a staggering 60 seconds – meaning you can carry on with the rest of your day.

Ultra Dark’s gorgeous olive-toned guide colour means it’s ready-to-wear, while the tan continues to develop into that deep, olive glow, nourishing your skin as it works.

For the deepest darkest glow, it’s recommended to leave Ultra Dark to develop for 4-6 hours or more…

Thanks to odour-neutralising technology, there’s no fake-tan smell whatsoever, and because of the ultra hydrating properties of Ultra Dark, you’re guaranteed a seamless application and an even, effortless wear-off after up to 7 days of tanning perfection.

Bellamianta’s new family member is a response to Irish women’s increasing confidence with premium tan and desire to experiment with deeper shades.

Do you dare to go *ultra* dark?

Bellamianta Luxury Tan’s new Ultra Dark Mousse is available via and in stockists nationwide, RRP €25.