This Is Officially The Best Day To Book The Cheapest Flights

When it comes to booking flights you fall into either one of two types of traveller: the one who knows when, where and how to book to get the cheapest flights, or the one who plans sporadically.

No matter which strategy you follow you’ll be interested to hear the updated best day to book the cheapest flights in 2018.

There are people out there who are constantly tracking trends and, thankfully, they share the results of their tedious studies with us.

Cheapest Flights Image via @travel_inhershoes on Instagram
Image via @travel_inhershoes on Instagram

One of the first reports to reveal the patterns about the best time of the week to book a flight was by booking site Expedia “Preparing for Takeoff: Air travel outlook for 2016,” as reported by MyDomaine.

Since then people have sworn that Tuesday was the best day. But in the past two years things have changed.

The 2018 annual report states that Sunday is the now best day of the week to book a flight for the best deal possible.

Apparently weekend searches yield cheaper flights because it’s when most leisure travellers purchase tickets.

Tuesday is still a good bet however, and the weekday comes a close second behind Sunday for bagging a bargain.

But whatever you do, don’t book on a Friday, as the study found that this was the most expensive day of the week to buy a plane ticket.

Now the next question is where to book to get the best deals.

We’ve got you covered there too. Click here to check out the best travel search engines out there and make sure to use a few of them to ensure you’re being shown the best deals.