These Boozy Push Pops Contain More Alcohol Than a Glass of Wine

It can’t be just us who find ourselves, when the weather is good, indulging in a glass of vino or cheeky gin more frequently throughout the week all the more frequently.

On a sticky summer day there is little other than a crisp white wine or ice cold beer (don’t worry we drink plenty of water before and after to stay hydrated) that can quench our thirsts quite as effectively.

Push Pops Image via @buzzpopcocktails on Instagram

Well that or a straight-from-the-freezer ice loll or push pop, but then those don’t have quite the same grown up appeal…

Or so we thought, because that’s before a Las Vegas-based company, Buzz Pop Cocktails, figured out the best way to create 100-calorie frozen push pops made of real fruit and top shelf alcohol.

It’s everything we loved as kids but with a boosy adult twist – and they do not disappoint in the ABV.

Each pop has an ABV of 15 percent. To put that into perspective, a standard glass of wine has 12 percent.

The Italian sorbet tastes like frozen versions of your favorite cocktails.

While the company rotates between an amazing 75 seasonal flavors, the current offerings include lemon drop martini, Moscow mule, and watermelon punch, with spirits ranging from tequila to rum and bourbon.

What’s even better is that they’re vegan, gluten-free, fat-free, and certified kosher – guilt-free refreshing (and boozy) summer treats? Yes please.

They are available in Miami and Las Vegas, if you happen to be in the area, or can be ordered online if you’re in the US.

They are not cheap, a variety pack of eight will set you back a cool $100 with a $35 flat-rate shipping fee, but we think we’d pay that plus shipping costs in a heartbeat if they’d deliver to Ireland.