This Iconic Brand Has Been Named as the Most Insta-Famous British Brand

Instagram is full of the biggest celebrities, top restaurants and fashion stores, beauty brands and of course fashion brands too. This week it was announced that one British brand topped the list as the most popular brand on the social media site, and that is Burberry.

For the second year in a row, social-media analytics firm Iconosquare reports that the iconic heritage brand is the best in the business from the British market.

Burberry, who have 10.4 million followers, beat out beloved high street favourites Topshop and ASOS, as well as designers Jimmy Choo, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney.

Sharing a mixture of photos from their ad campaigns and editorials, the brand also posts product shots and celebrity red carpet images for their fans to be in awe of.

However, it seems that Burberry and its British comrades have a long way to catch up with the top global fashion leaders, including Nike with their 75.3 million followers and Victoria’s Secret who have an impressive 62.3 million followers.

“Burberry should be especially pleased with their efforts as they have topped our British brands on Instagram study for the second year running and boosted their follower count by over 2 million over 12 months,” said Romain Ouzeau, CEO of Iconosquare.