Here’s Exactly How Many Calories Each Type Of Workout Burns

We love to exercise for so many reasons. It great for our minds, bodies and social lives (who else has made some of their best friends at a yoga class?) and to keep things interesting we like to switch from workout to workout.

Each offers a different array of benefits and it won’t come as a surprise that each burns a different amount of calories.

The guys over at Byrdie UK have rounded up the stats how how many calories each type of workout typically torches.

workout Image via @amandabisk on Instagram
Image via @amandabisk on Instagram

There are some surprises in there. For example you’ll burn more calories doing Pilates on a mat as opposed to a reformer and hot yoga does not burn more calories than a traditional vinyasa flow class.

Whether you’re a hard core CrossFitter or love to slow things down with a zen yoga class read on for how many calories on average you burn when working out.

Vinyasa Yoga

Calories burned: Depending on how vigorous the class is, it could earn you anywhere between 250 to 400.

Hot Yoga

Calories burned: 350 for a 90-minute session.


Calories burned: an average a burn of 12 calories per minute—so, roughly 700 for an hour-long workout.


Calories burned: a mile burns about 100 calories, and the same goes for walking.


Calories burned: If you’re using a reformer, a 120-pound woman can expect to burn about 175 calories in a 60-minute class.

If you opt got classic mat Pilates class you might burn around 190 calories.


Calories burned: about 200 to 400 per half hour session, but expect some after-burn if you’re doing it interval-style,.


Calories burned: 500 to 1,000 per hour.


Calories burned: around 400 – 600.