Celebrate the Chinese New Year with This New Asian Inspired Gin

For the month of Feb, many of us will join in the celebrations of The Chinese New Year.  The Dublin Chinese New Year Festival is running until 17th February and there are many events happening all over the city of Dublin.

What better way to lead in the celebrations of The Year of The Pig, than with a refreshing gin that Chinnery Spirits have just unveiled. Inspired by the life and travels of the portrait artist George Chinnery, who moved to Dublin from London in 1796, lodging on College Green in the heart of the city.

Stacked with wealthy members who spread money about and supported a thriving social scene. Chinnery found himself very much in demand and became the leading artist of British India in the early 1800s, renowned as much for his flamboyant personality as his artistic brilliance. 

In 1825, the artist moved to southern China, basing himself in Canton, the only part of China where the Emperor permitted trade with foreigners, and Macau, a nearby Portuguese possession.

His sketches of ordinary life, are hugely important in documenting that era. His work, as the only resident Western artist is considered the historical record of the 19th Century China Trade. Chinnery Gin have captured some of the romance of the Old China Trade by using Chinnery’s stunning artwork in their design. 

chinnery gin

Chinnery Gin, is a new Dublin Dry Gin made with ten botanicals including defining flavours of Osmanthus Flower and Oolong Tea. Inspired by the romance of the Old China Trade that delivered silk, spices, tea and porcelain to Europe in the 19th Century, the Chinnery Gin story draws on a colourful history, steeped with tales of trade, travel and creativity, all distilled into a fragrant and floral gin full of exotic flavours.

The featured botanicals, Osmanthus and Oolong, are distilled individually in their entirety at Chinnery Spirits’ small Dublin distillery using a modern vacuum still. This allows a lower temperature distillation than would be possible with traditional methods, ensuring that more of the delicate and natural flavours are extracted. These distillates are then blended with a gin base, distilled to Chinnery Spirits’ unique specification at West Cork Distillers in Skibbereen.

Chinnery Gin, 70cl, is available from O’Briens, Celtic Whiskey Shop, Molloy’s, Deveney’s of Dundrum, Bradley’s Cork City, Egan’s Portlaoise and other good independent off licenses, RRP €49.95. Miniatures, 50ml, also available from selected retailers, RRP €6.95.

For more information visit: www.chinnerygin.com