Cindy Crawford Swears by This Workout That You Can Do Anywhere

Cindy Crawford is just shy of goddess status. The 51 year old supermodel, now retired, is blessed with skin, hair and a body that defy her age and continually bowl us over.

So when the details of her workout regime are revealed us mere mortals were high intrigued, and perhaps slightly optimitic that there now might be a chance that we could some day look like Cindy.

Cindy Crawford

In an interview with NY Magazine’s The Cut, the supermodel shared the workout routine she learned 30 years ago, and the best thing is that there’s nothing overly complicated or fancy about her workouts—which is probably why she’s been able to keep at them for so long.

The model also revealed this is the same exercise plan she’s passed down to her daughter Kaia Gerber, one of 2017’s most in demand new models, who walked for everyone from Calvin Klein to Chanel in her first fashion season.

“I put on an audiobook or music while I run the stairs at my house for 20 minutes.”

Cindy explained that she does “20 minutes of cardio then weights.” Doing cardio three times per week, she gets her fix from a variety of forms, from trampolining, to hopping on the elliptical, to running stairs.

“I put on an audiobook or music while I run the stairs at my house for 20 minutes. I just finished the Amy Schumer one, which was fantastic.”

Then, she spends a further 30 minutes to an hour doing “old-school lunges, weights, squats, and bicep curls.”

She also adds: “Once a week, I try to go on a hike with a friend so I combine exercise and girlfriend time — it’s the best multitasking.” – fitting in exercising with socialising? Now that is exercise goals.

What we love most about Crawford’s routine is not only that she’s paying equal attention to both cardio and strength training, but that it’s actually sustainable – and that’s probably why she as been following this routine for so long.

With no other equipment needed other than a pair of dumbells the model has taken this regime with her as she’s travelled all over the world, and, obviously, it works!