Couples With This Age Gap Are The Least Likely To Split Up

Regular date nights, listening to your partner’s needs and maintaining a spark in the bedroom are all things that can help increase your likelihood happiness and security in the relationship department.

But there is one factor that might set you up for success, and there’s not much you can do to change it once you’ve picked your partner: the age difference.

It turns out there is an ideal age difference in relationships and likely to be a lot smaller than you’d think.

couples age gap split up

According to a study from Emory University, the magic number is just a one-year age difference in age.

Couples with this age gap have just a 3% chance of divorcing.

Compare that to an 18% chance of divorce for a 5-year age gap, 39% for a 10-year age gap, and a whopping 95% for a 20-year age gap.

After analyzing 3000 couples, the researchers ultimately found that the larger the age gap between a couple, the more likely they are to get a divorce.

There is a caveat to this rule, however.

Statistics also show that couples who do manage to make it past the two-year mark, no matter what the age gap, are approximately 43% less likely to split up.

The study results support the idea that the age difference in relationships can equate to significant differences in interests, lifestyle, and long-term goals between partners.

But bear in mind that there are always exceptions to the rules, think Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (11 years), Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi (15 years), and George and Amal Clooney (17 years).