6 Steps to the Ultimate Cruelty-Free Pamper Night In

If animal testing is not an issue on your radar you might be shocked to learn of the number of your favourite beauty brands that still routinely test on animals.

Until laws are passed to put an end to this unthinkable practice, that effects both animals and the environment, it’s up to the consumer to vote with their money and choose cruelty free beauty products.

Thankfully, over the last 25 years, the growing public demand for cruelty free cosmetics has been meet with a host of forward thinking cosmetic companies that have sworn off animal testing.

Cruelty Free Pamper Night In

As a result there has never been as much choice, and it’s a trend we are delighted to see gaining more momentum.

So much so that you can engage in a little pamper session and have an array of products to choose from that will help make you feel a million bucks while also doing your bit for the animals.

With this in mind we’ve picked 6 products that we love, that just happen to be cruelty free, that will help you have the perfect pamper night-in.

1. Scrub Up

Urban Veda Purifying Body Scrub (€17.99 or £12.99)

First up, gently buff away dead skin cells with the Urban Veda Purifying Body Scrub (€17.99).

Indulge in the invigoratingly fresh scent of spearmint and eucalyptus with this luxurious Purifying Body Scrub. This scrub is completely microbead-free and is the perfect texture to polish and reveal fresher-looking skin.

2. Mousse that Moisturises

Human+Kind - Shower Mousse - €7.95

Then smother your body in a sumptuous burst of creamy cleansing with the Human + Kind Shower Mousse (€7.95) for a truly decadent shower experience.

Pamper your skin with skin softening puffs of fluffy foam. This light and delicately fragranced mousse, surrounds you in lashings of lather, leaving your body feeling cleansed and beautifully soft.

3. Get The Glow

Catwalk HQ

When it comes to tanning, CatwalkHQ’s high quality ingredients really set it apart from the crowd. The unique combination of amino acids, hyaluronic acid and super extracts make the tanning experience an easy yet luxurious treat for your skin.

With these superfoods CatwalkHQ Self Tan Mousse (€25) and new Self Tanning Lotion (€20) wears off easily avoiding the dreaded patchy effect.

4. Nourish Your Face

Yonka Nutri Defense Creme

To keep your skin moisturised the YonKa Nutri Defense Crème (€52) has a complex, nutritious formula, rich in essential fatty acids, this smooth cream brings immediate and long-lasting comfort to undernourished skin.

5. Nail It

CND SolarOil .5oz

Now don’t forget about those cuticles though! CND SOLAROIL (€4.95) is an award -winning cuticle oil infused with jojoba oil and vitamin E that will create stronger and healthier nails.

6. Luscious Lips

Finally, finish with the Image Skincare ORMEDIC lip-enhancing moisturizer (€26). It instantly infuses lips with soothing hydration while improving the appearance and volume of lip contours.

If you really want to go all out, throw on a new pair of PJ’s, stick on your favourite movie, grab a cup of tea and relax!