Meet Your Match: Make These 9 Dating App Profile Tweaks To Score More Matches

Dating apps have become an integral part of our increasingly digital social landscape and if you’re single there’s a high chance you have several versions on your phone.

Yes, the romantic side of us wishes potential love interests would approach us on the street, boldly asking us out there and then on the spot, but the reality is that they are more likely to do it from the comfort of their couches.

If your dating app profile isn’t reaping as many matches as you’d quite like however, the solution doesn’t have to involve a drastic makeover, but instead a few simple changes to your online profile.

Dating App Profile

That’s according to recent data released from dating service Happn, who recently shared their tips for those looking to statistically increase their chances of finding love through the internet.

Based on a qualitative analysis of the pictures and descriptions of the most-charmed Happn profiles around the world, they have nailed down their vital dating app profile suggestions.

As reported by My Body+Soul, make the following nine changes to your dating app profile to increase your chances of meeting your match. 

  • 5 is the ideal number of photos.
  • Your first photo should show your face clearly.
  • Include a mix of portrait and full-length photos.
  • The photo quality should be good.
  • Some photos can include your friends, but most profile photos should focus on you alone.
  • Contrary to what many people think, pets won’t necessarily attract more matches.
  • Include photos of you smiling.
  • Your images should be in colour (the only exception is when you’re in France, where black and white is the most successful).
  • Use natural light instead of artificial.