Declutter Your Mind, Body and Soul with Kilkenny This January

The start of a new year brings a chance to make some positive changes in your life. One common New Year’s resolution is decluttering in order to prepare for the year ahead and Kilkenny has the perfect products to give you that much needed motivation.

The first step in streamlining your life is knowing where to start. ‘An Edited Life’ by blogger, podcaster and influencer, Anna Newton is the self help tool you never knew you needed for only €19.95. The book covers everything from how to make use of ‘fringe hours’ to streamlining your wardrobe and even mastering the art of saying no. Kilkenny will be hosting a Q&A and book signing with Anna in their Nassau Street store on January 24th from 6.30-8pm and a limited number of tickets are still available on Eventbrite.

Taking the time to reflect and be mindful is great for decluttering the mind and creating a plan or goal for the upcoming year. The Eclectic Lifestyle Purse Notepads, €10.95 are great for jotting down your daily musings and as well as planning for the weeks ahead. Available in a variety of pastel shades, Eclectic Lifestyle also has elegant pencil cases to hold all of your stationery for €13.95.

Another essential part in getting focused for the year ahead is creating the right atmosphere. VOYA’s diffuser collection creates an ambiance of refreshment with their African Lime and Clove scent as well as their calming Cedarwood and Bergamot for €46 each.

Once the right mood has been set, it’s time to revive the skin. The Hydrea London Facial Brush, €4.95 is a natural way to deep cleanse pores and stimulate blood flow to help reduce blemishes, puffiness and fine lines. To help harness that natural glow, Nunaia’s Nourishing Radiance Serum, €79 restores skin’s natural moisture levels and reduces inflammation.

For all of these wellness must-haves, pop in store or visit