Diarmuid Gavin Transforms George’s St into an Urban Jungle

Diarmuid Gavin is the latest Irish designer to partner with Dunnes Stores to develop plant and garden shops with a new brand called Diarmuid Gavin’s Outer Spaces.

His opening collection includes a curated offer of houseplants, indoor trees, pots, gardening goods and books. The first shop has just opened in a unique space, an adorable Victorian butcher shop at 49 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2. This stand-alone plant-filled shop has the atmosphere of an urban botanical garden, and houses the launch collection along with artisan coffee with Jazz, Pop, Soul and Bossa Nova tunes on vinyl. Shoppers can browse this verdant jungle, marvelling at the range of cacti, succulents, trailing figs and philodendrons while planning for the greening of their inside or outdoor spaces.

This city centre location is the brand laboratory and it will be from this hub that the team from Dunnes Stores branches throughout the country will be trained.

And that’s not all! From mid-October gardeners can avail of regular evening workshops where they will be guided through the crafts of planting terrariums, potting plants and making cacti gardens.

Diarmuid’s vision for his Outer Spaces range has been cultivated with a dedicated Dunnes Stores team over the past year and has been inspired by the recent worldwide indoor gardening revolution. Pictures of houseplants regularly trend on Instagram from the coolest cities across the globe. Commenting on the first store located in Dublin’s creative quarter on South Great George’s Street, Diarmuid says:

“This is a gorgeous old space to stop in for a coffee, a browse or simply a breather to admire the collection of plants we have sourced from all over the world. It’s botanical cuteness in a boutique and we want people to fall in love with our plants. We promise good advice and great old-school music for customers who wish to care for their house plant collection. People living in the city, especially in apartments, understand the joy of living with easy-to-maintain plants of all origins: from tropical islands to arid desert landscapes.

Our plants are not just for decoration. They’ll clean the air, bring life to your home and caring for them is an acknowledged stress-reliever. I should know!”

Starting next month, Dunnes Stores will begin introducing the Diarmuid Gavin Outer Spaces to newly refurbished stores in Dublin and around the country. The larger in-store shops will likely inspire both nascent and accomplished gardeners who want to buy gorgeous plantsand garden products, and learn how to improve their gardening skills both indoor and out of doors.