You Can Ditch Your Hairdryer Thanks To This New Blow Dry In A Can

We so wish we were the kind of women who can wake up, have a quick shower, get dressed and head out the door, ditching the hairdryer and still ending up with effortless, perfectly tousled waves.

Alas we are not, and so each morning we face a battle with a hairdryer as we try, and fail, to get a super sleek blow dry finish – our respect for hairdressers and their skill set is eternal.

But we know that all heat and stress cannot be good for our manes (or our frame of minds first thing in the morning) but as air drying is not option we remain dependent on heated styling tools.

Blow dry hair dryer Image via @igkhair on Instagram
Image via @igkhair on Instagram

Given this predicament, we were intrigued when we heard of a new product that claim’s to cut air dry time in half.

Introducing the new IGK No More Blow High Speed Air Dry Spray, a hair care game changer that might just help your kick your blow dry habit.

IGK claim the new product can cut air dry time by a 46 per cent thanks to its ‘Advanced Flash Cooling Technology.’

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This innovation is down to a blend of ingredients, specifically lightweight starches, that invisibly coat hair to reduce moisture and dry hair faster.

After washing your hair you simply towel dry, divide into section and generously spray from root to tip.

If there was a time of year to ditch the hairdryer summer is it. We’re imaging this will be particularly handy on holidays post-pool.

We’ll be picking up a bottle ASAP to make the break-up with our hairdryer a much easier process.

You can but IGK No More Blow High Speed Air Dry Spray, £25, online here.