Domini Kemp Lends her Support to Launch Ireland’s First Dedicated Cancer Support Magazine, an innovative support website for people affected by cancer in Ireland, is launching Ireland’s first dedicated cancer support magazine., Ireland’s only non-charity, non-medical dedicated cancer support resource, currently publishes relevant positive and helpful content for anyone going through cancer or surviving after cancer (a patient or their friends/families) online daily. Since its inception in July 2017, Happy Magazine has gone from strength to strength and has now had over 50,000 views.

A reader who follows Happy Magazine over time receives long-term encouragement, motivation and support for making positive changes to help them become more happy and healthy in their life after a cancer diagnosis.

This November, Happy Magazine will launch its first print edition. The launch issue will have a print run of 10,000 copies and be solely funded by relevant and responsible advertising revenue. The magazine will be distributed across the country to all cancer treatment centres. The magazine will be the first dedicated cancer support magazine in Ireland.

Founder and Editor Holly Kennedy says,

“My cancer diagnosis has, without a doubt, changed me and changed my life. Last year, I was sitting at home wishing for a book, a magazine, a website – anything – to help me get through my treatment plan. I had so many questions that weren’t suitable for my doctor, most of them surrounding the idea of how to be happy while going through cancer.”

“This website is that place I longed for at the start of my cancer journey. A place to help a person cope with this time in their life, packed with positivity, inspiration, support, tips, motivation and encouragement. The launch of our first print edition in November aims to provide this support to cancer patients in treatment centres right across the country.”

In the December issue, cover star Domini Kemp reveals her personal anti-cancer plan in an exclusive interview for the launch edition. Speaking about the launch of the magazine, Domini said, “I love the positivity surrounding Happy Magazine. It’s full of useful and relevant information that’s coming from patients themselves.

I cannot emphasise enough the power of positivity for cancer patients, to give us hope and a beneficial focus during a time that can be very overwhelming. It’s a great honour for me to be part of this first issue and I look forward to reading many more.”

Natasha Whelehan, a breast cancer survivor from Laois, said “I was mid-way through chemo in 2017 when I found Happy Magazine. I found it when I went looking for something positive in relation to cancer as the web had become a place of statistics and upsetting information and I just needed to find something or some place that was cancer-related but not filled with negativity.

I find the content really varied, and think the hints and tips are really useful and positive. It helps to read something that is related to cancer but isn’t all doom and gloom. It also really really helps knowing that I am not alone, especially as a younger breast cancer patient who has no-one in my immediate peer group who understands where I have been.”

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