This Dublin Hotel is Serving Up The Perfect Pumpkin Martini


With Halloween at the end of this month, there’s no better way to get into a ‘ghoulish’ mood than to visit the gibson hotel and try it’s on fleek pumpkin martini. Usually reserved for pies and spiced lattes, the gibson’s pumpkin martini has been especially created by bar manager, Adrian Foy, to bring a taste of autumn to hemi bar this season. Combining vodka, Baileys, pumpkin syrup and sugar cane, this pumpkin martini has all the sweetness you’re craving this autumn season.


30 ml vodka

20 ml Baileys

30 ml sugar cane

30ml pumpkin syrup


1. Pour the Baileys and vodka into a cocktail shaker

2. Fill with ice and shake well

3. Add the pumpkin syrup and sugar cane to the mix

4. Shake thoroughly again

5. Dust the chilled martini glass with cinnamon

6. Strain into a chilled martini glass and serve!

The pumpkin martini is available now in the gibson’s hemi bar for €12.00. For more information on the hemi bar at the gibson hotel, visit