Dyson Wellbeing Showhouse Coming to the Permanent TSB Ideal Home Show Spring 2019

The Permanent TSB Ideal Home Show returns next weekend, April 12th to 14th, to the RDS with a special focus on wellbeing and the environment, making our homes a safe haven in terms of comfort and style.

This season’s showhouse marries the striking interior design of Rebecca Roe of Hedgeroe Home, with the latest wellbeing technologies from Dyson. The showhouse brings the indoor and outdoor together to create a place of harmony and calmness where one can switch off and have time to themselves.

Natural light is a source of wellbeing in itself, and this is encapsulated in the showhouse through the use of magnificent Metolike glass panels crafted by Kells Windows surrounding an indoor atrium, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese tea rooms. Inside the atrium will be a Mediterranean-style garden created by Caragh Nurseries with beautiful tiling work from House of Tiles.

Throughout the showhouse there will be elegant wall panelling by Grain and Groove, as well as wallpaper by designer Phillip Jeffries in the master bedroom which will bring the home to life through texture and depth. Using a tonal and earthy pallet to unite the spaces through colours from Fleetwood Paints and fabric made from natural yarns, the showhouse encompasses sustainability and wellbeing.

Rebecca has teamed up with Roundwood Design to create the perfect kitchen for the Dyson Wellbeing Showhouse which will feature stainless steel countertops and a waterfall island and ultra modern finishes with wonderful pieces from Granite and Marble Crafts.

Another talking point of the showhouse is the sitting room, where there is a full-height granite chimney breast with an electric fire by Heatco Stoves set inside. Colour and pattern will be incorportated into the showhouse through pieces from Ashbrook Curtains and Blinds, and entertainment will be provided in the form of a television from DID Electrical.

Wooden flooring and carpeting throughout the house will be supplied by TC Matthews, with Hicken Lighting will illuminating the halls and rooms of the open plan space of the entire showhouse.

Abington Joinery have created a breathtaking silver and grey dressing room like no other which is located next to the bedroom, where the bed from DublinBeds.ie will be dressed in beautiful linen by White & Green.

The bathroom of the showhouse created by Flair Showers and Grohe will also contribute to your wellbeing, and will feature the freestanding Aphrodite bath by Niko Bathrooms, what a way to wind down in the evening!

The exterior of the house will be created by Tegral Building Products, in the form of cedral cladding and there will be floor to ceiling windows by Vindr VS to ensure maximum sunlight flows throughout the house. Natural Stone Carpets and Caragh Nurseries have put together a wonderful outdoor garden area to coincide with the showhouse, incorporating the theme of wellbeing.

As wellbeing is an ever more pressing concern in the minds of many, we pay careful attention to the food we eat and the drinks we consume. On average, we drink 2 litres of liquid and consume about 1 litre of food per day, but in fact we can breathe up to 9,000 litres of air daily [1]. Most of the air we breathe is behind closed doors, where we can spend up to 90% of our time [2] due to our hectic schedules.

It is important that we strive to have the cleanest air in our home environment. This can be achieved through the use of Dyson’s latest wellbeing technologies across floorcare, purification, lighting and haircare. Dyson’s newest cord-free vacuum cleaners remove 99.97% of particles, including dust and allergens as small as 0.3 microns [3] from our homes and their highly-efficient purification machines clean the air around us throughout the day. Dyson engineers have developed intelligent home technologies to keep floors and indoor air cleaner.

Dyson have introduced three new products to their range, designed with you and your wellbeing in mind. The Dyson Lightcycle TM task light is designed to improve visual acuity and provide the right light according to the time of day. It intelligently calibrates according to age, light and daily routine, continually adjusting its colour temperature and brightness in relation to local daylight. It uses a unique time, date and location driven algorithm to calculate the appropriate colour temperature and brightness of anywhere in the world. Low light, flicker and glare can cause us eye strain and visual fatigue. The Dyson Lightcycle TM is paramount in ensuring our wellbeing as it supports optimal illumination throughout the day.
Ultimately, the Showhouse will encapsulate the epitome of wellness in the home, layered with modern-day interior design.

Foe more information see www.idealhome.ie