Why Putting Food Coloring in Your Toilet Will Save You Money

You might have picked up some food colouring for Valentine’s Day or St Patrick’s Day baking, but you might want to start putting it to use in the bathroom as well as the kitchen as it could save you hundreds.

It turns out putting food colouring or indeed any other type of dye in your toilet is the easy, and very cheap, way to check for leaks.

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Why is it so important to check for leaks? Because it’s wasteful and might even cost you money, that’s why.

While big leaks make themselves known by drumming up noise, a slow leak — when water is slowly escaping from the toilet tank into the bowl below — is silent and less easy to spot.

The result is that massive amounts of water to escape your home without you knowing, which according to Apartment Therapy can result in up to 300 gallons of water being lost each day.

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Not only is this wasteful but it might add to your utility bills should those pesky water charges come back in, and if the leak gets any bigger the bill for the plumber could escalate quickly.

The cheap and cheerful (it is rather colourful, after all) way to check fro leaks is simply to lift the lid off your toilet tank and add a few drops of dye into the water inside.

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You only need to use enough so that’s a noticeable color change in the water, but don’t go overboard so that you endup dyeing the inside of your toilet tank or bowl.

Next, replace the lid and let your toilet sit for a while, and make nobody uses the commode, and check in about fifteen minutes to see if any colored water has seeped from the tank to the bowl.

If your toilet bowl water is tinted blue or green or red after some time, it means you’ve a leak.

Then, it’s time to call a plumber!