Getting Nerdie With The Skin Nerd: Nutrients You Need For Your Best Skin In Autumn

The Skin Nerd

You may have noticed within the last week that Autumn is here with a bang. It is sad but it is a part of Irish life – the dark nights, the bitter cold, the whipping winds and the lashings of rain. What would we do without them… bar enjoy ourselves and have fantastic hair?!

Coming in from cold air, we reach for the heaters, radiators and light the fires. What this means for our skin is that everything it is surrounded by 24/7 is leeching hydration from it due to the lack of humidity.

Are you already feeling papery, flaky, and more broken out due to your skin’s overcompensation for dehydration by making more oil? You are not alone! And you are not without guidance…

Upping your omega intake will hydrate your dehydrated skin from the inside
Essential fatty acids, EFAs, omegas… Whatever you call them, they are simply phenomenal for helping to keep your skin hydrated. You should not underestimate the power of feeding the skin from within! EFAs aid our skin’s barrier function, the combo of lipids (oils) and dead skin cells that keeps irritants out of our epidermis and hydration in.

Nutrients You Need For Your Best Skin In Autumn

As you may guess, this very barrier function is as important as your raincoat is to you, especially this time of year. When it is operating optimally, it will keep moisture in. If it is constantly blasted with dry air, it needs a helping hand to operate optimally and this is where boosting your omega intake comes in.

Double your omega supplement dosage and make sure to load up on salmon, walnuts, chia seeds and avocado as well as other EFA-rich foods! There’s a bigger list of these foods in moi book, The Skin Nerd: Your Straight-Talking Guide to Feeding, Protecting & Respecting Your Skin (available from Eason, Dubray, Amazon and other retailers).

Don’t forget about the skin on your body
Many do not tend to look after their body as well as their face and what this means is that you’ll notice that your body is a heck of a lot drier, flakier and scalier now than it was last month.

Use a body product that contains oils to act as a second defence for the skin’s barrier. The TanOrganic Multi-Use Oil (€24.99) contains plant oils such as argan oil (rich in EFAs and vitamin E), jojoba oil (skin-soothing, locks in moisture) and evening primrose oil (rich in omega-6). It is light enough that when it has settled it doesn’t feel like you’ve been oiled up whilst still soothing, nourishing and hydrating the skin and tackling dry patches.

Get some topical vitamin E on
I’m always talking about vitamin A – and rightfully so, vitamin A-men. However, it’s time to crack out the vitamin E. When I say this, I (unfortunately) do not mean to burst your vitamin E capsules on to your face, as if something isn’t formulated for the face, it doesn’t take to it to well.

There are plenty of products that contain vitamin E such as Académie Derm Acte Multivitamin Mask (€34.50) which contains vitamin E, provitamin B5 and vitamin C as well as two types of hyaluronic acid.

Why is vitamin E so important?! It’s a super potent antioxidant which can protect our skin from the free-radical damage that can make us age more quickly. At the same time, it is anti-inflammatory – if you are someone prone to sore, red, flaky skin, topical vitamin E could help to ease and pacify this. It’s also known to be helpful for your skin’s healing capability.

You’ll find vitamin E in YonKa’s Vital Defense too, which works as your skin’s daily protector as it is packed with other antioxidants as well, such as co-enzyme Q10 and moringa peptides.

Vitamin C ain’t just for colds
You are probably hoofing the vitamin C into you to protect from the nasty cough that’s been going around the office (yes, it’s in Nerd HQ). You should be basting yourself in it too! IMAGE Skincare’s Vital C range is particularly beneficial to those prone to redness and rosacea, which can be exacerbated by Autumn & Winter weather conditions.

If you’re using a foam or wash cleanser that may be a tad too drying for this time of year, I would suggest you consider trying the IMAGE Vital C Hydrating Facial Cleanser (€36.00) on for size. It is a cream cleanser packed with vitamin C, soothing ingredients like soapwort extract as well as vitamin E!

Look after your diet
We all dive into comfort food when we come in from being piddled on on our way home – it is normal! However, it is much more beneficial to the skin if we pack in as many nutrients, vitamins and good fats as we can. The skin is an organ and your body is an engine which needs high-quality fuel! Eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables daily and make sure you’re drinking enough water and your skin will be more hydrated and glowy – Nerd’s honour.

Ps. Just because it’s dull and grey, you can’t put the SPF away! UVA rays reach us all year round, through clouds, rain, snow and even windows so don’t neglect to protect yourself. There is no better anti-ageing product than an SPF.

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