Getting Nerdie With The Skin Nerd: The Skincare Trends of 2019

The Skin Nerd Another year draws to a close as we begin to wave bye-bye to some beauty trends (bubble masks, perhaps?) and hello to new ones. You may be surprised to learn that we are due to see some fairly solid trends in 2019, ones that you will be more than willing to get on board with. Yes, really!

Without further ado, let’s peep into my nerdie crystal ball…

Clean formulations & sustainable ingredients
Clean skincare has been on the rise for years now but it seems that 2019 may be its peak, especially after the infamous Iceland palm oil ad. Expect to see more flaunting of responsible palm oil (RSPO certified), palm-oil-free products, vegan products and products using fully natural ingredients. This is a double-edged sword for the industry, as many ingredients that aren’t necessarily harmful in small doses, such as sulphates, will be tarred as “nasties”. At the end of the day, the decision to switch to entirely “clean” skincare lies in the hands of the consumer.

What to buy
Peachy Skincare
– Peachy Skincare is a natural Irish skincare company started by biomedical scientist and mum of two, Sinead. Sinead hand-makes all of her products, from the Anti-Ageing Serum to the Coconut Lip Balm.
– Their skincare is free from chemicals, synthetic preservatives, palm oil, parabens, phtalates and ALL forms of alcohol
– Pricewise, their lip balm is a steal at €5 and the body butters are incredibly reasonable at €15 for a big tub. Their Anti-Aging Serum is only €20 and is full of organic rosehip oil.

– Being the world’s first organic self-tanning brand from our very own shores, you have to have heard of it but have you given it a go? It’s natural by name and natural in colour too, with a very even fade without the typical blotchiness you expect from many other tans.
– TanOrganic is eco-certified, certified by the Vegan society, cruelty-free and many of their products contain certified organic oils and ingredients too.
Their tanning products range from €24.99 to €29.99, depending on what you’re looking for.

Blue light protection
Blue light, or HEV (high-energy visible) light, is emitted by screens when they’re in use and some research has shown that it is possible that it causes damage to the skin. Overexposure may be damaging our skin’s barrier, leading in turn to premature ageing, and correlations have been made between consistent exposure to blue light and problems with regard to pigment.

Because of this, you’re going to see a heck of a lot more blue light protection pop up in your skincare products, especially ingredients like lutein, a carotenoid found in plants that protects the skin from damage caused by visible light. Antioxidants are also beneficial so we’re going to see an even bigger push for antioxidants which I am always happy to get down with.

What to buy

Murad City Skin Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (€59.50, The Skin Nerd store)

Murad are usually ahead of the curve so this HEV, UVA & UVB protective SPF-slash-moisturiser has been on the market for a few years. It’s honestly one of our favourite SPFs in Nerd HQ in general as it suits both dry and oily skin types with a soft, velvety, non-sticky or slippy finish. Its price tag is more than justified and it contains the aforementioned lutein.

Declare Global Protection Serum, (€59.00)

I highly rate this serum as it is an antioxidant serum that aids your skin in protecting itself from pollution and visible light whilst hydrating it. It is an all-rounder for those who live the 21st century life… So, everyone!

Customisable and boosted skincare
The “one size fits all” approach is now truly gone, and so is the simplicity of “use this if you have oily skin, use this if you have dry skin”. People are starting to get comfortable with mixing and matching from different ranges (can I take credit for this trend?!) and using things that they would have never used before. This movement towards boosters that you add in to super-power your regular products, providing your skin with a variety of ingredients instead of lots of the same and a skincare routine that suits your skin to a T means that we will be seeing more customisable ranges.

Genetic skincare hit headlines this year, with companies analysing your genetic makeup and recommending specific products for you to target supposed genetic skin concerns. One flaw in this is that genetics tend to make up a small fraction of why your skin is the way it is, whereas lifestyle makes up a much larger portion so if your personalised genetic skincare isn’t taking into consideration the fact that you live in a city or a cold region, it may not be a well-rounded approach.

What to buy

Yon-Ka Boosters (€49.50)

The Nutri+, Hydra+ and Lift+ Yon-Ka Boosters are designed to be either added to your regular serums, creams or masques or on their own, giving you the freedom to up hydration in one easy step when you genuinely need it.

Nerd Network Membership (€50.00)

A personalised skincare routine just for you? Tick, we’ve done it. Have an online skin consultation with one of our expert Nerds or Nerdettes who will figure out what you need to use to see skin results with your lifestyle in mind. The best bit is that we’re available when you need us for guidance, advice or tips with regard to your active, cosmeceutical skincare routine.

We also have e-vouchers for the hooman in your life who wants to see real skin results!

There is no doubt in my nerdie mind that we will see heaps of other trends crop up next year and that we will see the same trends stick with us too. Korean beauty will continue to inspire as they continue to innovate, vitamin C should have had its day on the wider market a very long time ago and and I am looking forward to seeing more ways to hydrate in a lightweight fashion too. All in all, there are no negatives to a skincare industry with an increased awareness of environmental impact, how our environment impacts the skin and the need for skincare that is catered to the consumer.

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