Getting Nerdie with The Skin Nerd: Facial Massage is What Your Hungover Skin Needs

The Skin NerdIf you ain’t a little bit worse for wear this morning, you deserve a medal. With so many invites flying your way, whether you graciously accepted them or dodged them for wine on the couch, your skin is probably seeing the negative effects of what may be deemed excessive drinking.

Alcohol has numerous effects on our skin, whether direct or knock on. It dehydrates our skin due to its diuretic effect and affects our circadian rhythm which is why you may find yourself lying awake in the middle of the night after an evening of fun. When this rhythm, our body’s internal clock, is knocked off, our skin cannot perform its vital processes to its best advantage, including detoxing, cell renewal and getting nutrition. Without this, we end up with puffiness, dullness, spots, greyness and dark circles.

I have been preaching about facial massage for years, as, of course, it is something that we as beauty therapist are educated in. Facial massage boosts lymphatic drainage and circulation, meaning that puffiness is ousted and the skin looks fresh, radiant and toned. Essentially, it’s everything that hungover skin desires.


Getting Nerdie with The Skin Nerd: Facial Massage is What your Hungover Skin Needs

Start by tying back your hair and washing your hands thoroughly, ensuring there are no germs left on ‘em. You need a product that will give you some slip to work with, otherwise you’re creating a tug on the skin which will irritate it, and if done long-term, can cause mechanical wrinkles, lines and sagging.

Pull out your facial oil or dry body oil (coconut oil or jojoba oil will work too) and warm some gently in your hands before gently smoothing it across your face.

Starting from the neck upwards, gently knead your face with the part of your fingers between your nail and your knuckle. Roll across your face using a piano-playing motion. Follow this up with tapotement, a technique from Swedish massage where you lightly flick the pads of your middle and ring finger across the skin. Use both hands, turn them so that your fingers are pointing towards the floor and work upwards. It should feel and sound like the wings of a butterfly flapping.

Warm your face again and gently smooth your ring finger across the skin under the delicate eye area, moving from the inner corner out to the temple. You can also do pressure points by finding the flat point of the bone about two fingertips away from each nostril and pushing the flat of your thumb or forefinger (not the tip) into it. Press in to release tension and continue this motion all the way up the cheekbone.

Apply your skincare products when you’re done, as many believe that physical manipulation of the skin improves product penetration!

If this sounds like a bit too much of a hubbub for you, then you are the prime candidate for jade rolling. Jade rolling is another, lower-maintenance mode of improving lymphatic drainage and circulation and getting rid of the puffiness and greyness that may occur after not quite enough sleep. It is very cooling and soothing and can be done with or without an oil for slip.

I like to do it both at morning and night, but prime time is in the morning, when all that lymph has settled. When shopping for a jade roller, you want to make sure that it is genuine jade stone, such as the Afterspa Jade Stone Facial Roller (€16.00, The Skin Nerd store). All you have to do is roll the jade roller out and down, in the direction of lymphatic drainage, and repeat until your entire face has been rolled.

So, there you have it! This is how celebs (and skin therapists) can still look rested even though they really aren’t. Go forth and spread the nerdie knowledge.

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